Eco-Friendly Home Improvements Everyone Should Consider

Eco-Friendly Home Improvements Everyone Should Consider

Everyone’s home needs updating every so often. This could be because you simply want to freshen the place up, or it could be because you’re planning to sell up and want the best price you possibly can. Whatever your reason, you should consider the environment while you’re making improvements. Eco-friendly homes help to decrease the amount of pollution in the air and combat global warming, which is important if you care about the planet you’re living on. Such improvements generally add value to your home, save you money, and increase your comfort too, so there’s no reason not to consider them. Here are some of the most popular ones for you to think about.

Renovate The Windows

Replacing your windows with double-glazed ones is one of the most eco-friendly improvements that you can make to your home. This is because this type of window has air between two panes of glass, which helps to keep heat in and cold air out a lot more effectively than a single pane of glass, which is incredibly conductive alone. This will keep you comfortable during winter and summer and saves you money on heating. It also adds value to your home and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Add Some Insulation

Regardless of your scientific knowledge, pretty much everyone knows that heat rises. This means that, if your roof and attic aren’t properly insulated, heat is going to escape, and you’re going to have to spend a lot more money heating your home. This is also a waste of energy, which is bad for the environment. You can install insulation relatively cheaply, and only have to do it once, which will save you money the entire time you’re living in your house.

Change To Electric

Gas central heating is the most popular way to heat your home in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best, and it’s definitely not the most environmentally-friendly. Heating your home electrically, with an electric heater, is arguably better as it requires little maintenance, generally costs less, and is more eco-friendly, as it doesn’t lose energy through a pipe system before heating your home. They also don’t make a lot of noise like your boiler and pipes and can look reasonably stylish and sophisticated, which boilers certainly aren’t.

Consider Solar Panels

If you are serious about doing your bit to help the planet, then solar panels should be at the very top of your to-do list. Years ago solar panels were reserved for only the richest of people, and while they’re not cheap nowadays, they’re certainly cheaper and easier to access. However, you have to remember that solar panels are an investment, not a purchase, and you make your money back eventually. In the short term, you can sell any extra energy you make back to the grid.

If you’re planning to make some improvements to your home, it makes sense to start with the eco-friendly ones. Such improvements can save and make you some serious cash, and give back to the planet that you call home, so why not get started right away?