About Us

Home UK magazine is a web platform and magazine that has been set up to present and promote products and services for the contemporary home.

The magazine will provide a showcase for all that is best, contemporary and cutting edge in the world of homes and connected products or services. Whether it’s information on home trends, styles or decorating tips, Home UK magazine is the ideal place to access these, as well as so much more besides.

The magazine will serve as a convenient source of information on how to make your home a nicer place in which to live and an easier place to manage. The magazine will feature reviews of home-related products and services, interior design and house style tips as well as home related advice, trends and forecasts.

In addition, Home UK will host a wide range of exclusive and incisive content from our industry experts and commentary ranging from legal reports on the property market to construction trends.

If you have any feedback or views on Home UK, please contact the Editor at: editor@homeukmagazine.co.uk.