Editorial Policies

Reproduction of any article on either the Home UK magazine or platform is not allowed without the express written consent of the Editor.

The editorial team will be responsible for producing accurate, stimulating and credible information and will have sole decision making as to the content. However, the editorial team will include the sponsor(s) in ideas and will, subject to prior agreement, use suggested angles and articles on the Home UK platform and / or in the magazine.

Commercial partners

Home UK works closely with commercial partners in order to explore subjects and issues. In these relationships, editorial integrity and transparency are foremost.

It should also be noted that any Sponsored Content used either on the platform (the website) or in the digital magazine will be denoted as such. The abbreviation ‘SC’ (sponsored content) will be utilised at the end of any sponsored content to denote the commercial transaction that has taken place in securing the slot.

Copy approval

In the case of commissioned pieces, Home UK magazine has the right to edit for style, appropriateness and fit. There is no requirement on Home UK magazine's behalf to alter copy or show it in advance of it being used, unless that has been agreed prior to its use.


Copyright law protects against unauthorised use and provides a business framework for dealing in intellectual property. Using material without prior consent exposes you to legal action from the rights holder. A breach of copyright can lead to financial penalties and, in some cases, criminal liability, no matter how innocuous the use may seem. Whether you wish to reproduce content for commercial purposes or personal use the same rules apply. All magazine content is copyright. To request a PDF or right to reprint/use an article electronically, please contact us.


The magazine has a series of deadlines, depending on whether the story will be used in the digital magazine or on the main website. Please contact the Editor should you wish your content to be included on either the Home UK platform or in the magazine.