Small Bathroom Survival: Storage & Simplifications

Small Bathroom Survival: Storage & Simplifications

The main bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, but also the one that is most likely to cause arguments. Even the most peaceful of families can find frustrations running wild when, early in the morning, there’s a queue for who gets to use the bathroom next.

This problem is made all the more acute when you have a small bathroom. You’re stressed, in a rush, and might not be able to take as much time as you might like. There’s no room for two people to be in there at once primping and preening, so how do you survive in a small bathroom space?

Tip #1 - Use The Space Well

Bathrooms tend to be terribly designed, no matter whether your house is centuries old or brand new. Rarely do they make use of space the way that is theoretically possible; it’s usually more “shove that there and hope it works out”.

The next time you look to renovate the bathroom, it’s worth stripping back to basics and assigning brand new items into spaces they actually fit. No more awkward spaces between the toilet and the wall or a jutting out shower cubicle; instead, look for advice and useful smaller-sized options at stores like bathroomtakeaway.co.uk  to figure out how to make the most of every available inch. You might not notice that the toilet is a few feet narrower (for example) but it will sure make a difference to how the room feels overall.

Tip #2 - Two Sinks Are Better Than One

If you’re struggling with two or more people needing to get ready at the same time, then installing a double sink can save a lot of argument. You might have to dodge around one another, but it’s definitely more feasible than both fighting over the same sink and mirror.

Not only do double sink vanities allow two people to use the room at once, but they can also provide total storage for the room. The space beneath the sinks should be boxed in to hide the plumbing - there’s a great DIY guide for this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx8vDT6dq1c - , which immediately gives you a vacant space to fill with all the little bathroom necessities.

Tip #3 - Use The Walls

Don’t use a towel rail that has to rest on the floor; buy one that can be attached to the wall and save yourself some valuable floor space. You can use hooks for shower caps and even install full-on cabinets on a free wall that can house cleaning products. The fewer items that are directly in contact with the wall, the bigger the space will feel - and the easier it will be to juggle more than one person.

Tip #4 - One-Person Items Don’t Live In The Bathroom

There are several bathroom-related products that will only be used by one person: your partner’s razor, your face scrub, makeup and so on and so forth. These items should be stored in the bottom of a wardrobe and brought into the bathroom only when they are going to be used; it can save you a huge amount when it comes to configuring how best to use your storage.