Unique Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Unique Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Now that the cosiest time of the year is fast approaching, it could be the ideal opportunity for you to take a look at updating the bedroom to make it as cosy as it can possibly be. There are lots of things you can do with the space you sleep in to make it feel more magical and relaxing, and here are just a few fun ideas to try this year.

Rearrange the furniture

Before you spend any money on the bedroom, it might be worth simply trying to rearrange all of the furniture in the home and putting them in new places. You can take a look at trendy bedroom design styles for inspiration on layout and have fun one day this weekend moving things around a bit.

Change the sheets

One of the biggest ways you can change the way the bedroom looks and feels without too much work is to change the sheets and make them look more in keeping with the seasons. You can find lots of amazing autumn and winter bedding online and you can have a play around with the different colours and styles for your bed. You could even pick out a new throw which you like and simply have white sheets underneath.

Hang some lights

If you fancy having softer lights in the bedroom for those mornings and evenings when you don’t fancy being blinded by the main light, you can think about hanging some lights either on the wall or the ceiling. A net of fairy lights would look magical and they would feel like a sky of stars. You could also install wall lamps at either side of the bed so that you can each control what light you get at night and first thing in the morning. It will make the room gain a magical atmosphere.

Paint a bold feature wall

A lot of the time it seems like the golden rule of decorating a bedroom is to keep the colours light and neutral to let the brain calm down after a long day… and this not totally untrue. When it comes to making your room stand out in the winter you don’t want to paint red or hot pink on the walls because these colours are too lively, but there is one colour which suits the bedroom better than any other: navy blue. Navy blue is bold enough to make a statement but not overpowering, and it makes us think of the night sky and therefore is much more relaxing.

Hang up some artwork

Artwork can make all the difference in the world to a home and in your bedroom you can hang a large piece of artwork directly over the bed for maximum effect. For example have a think about buying a galaxy art print to go over your navy wall for a stunning atmosphere, or choose something which you both love such as a place or a movie poster. Have fun choosing art for the walls and let the decision come naturally.