Adding Warmth To Your Home

Adding Warmth To Your Home

Winter is fast approaching, and a lot of times people want to add warmth to their home in an aesthetic way that transforms the interior from that of a cold house in which to live into a warm home that makes them feel all cuddly and safe inside.  This article explores five simple things you can do this winter to ensure your house feels like “home sweet home”.


If you want to add a feeling of warmth and cosiness to your home, then you need to choose warm colours, such as those associated with fire.  The reds, yellows, oranges, and certain shades of purple bring instant warmth - whereas cooling colours such as blues and greens take warmth away.


Think back to being a child with a cuddly toy; as we grow older we tend to trade this experience for having nice luscious cushions, pillows and throws.  These tactile comfort blankets add a tangible layer of warmth that is totally transformational.  Imagine lying on a sofa, watching a horror movie, without being able to wrap yourself up in a little blanket… of course, you will survive, but the element of warmth that these soft furnishings bring into a home cannot be overrated.


Of course, making your home feel warmer is not just about the aesthetics of interior design, there is a practical element of needing to provide physical warmth to your home, in order for it to be a comfortable environment to live in… after all, nobody could feel warm inside if they are having to take a cold shower each morning, which is why finding the best tankless water heater for your unique home should be considered a top priority.

There are many options to heat your home but one of the most warming, on an emotional and atmospheric level would be a log burner, as cosying up next to a real fire, provides a sensory delight that can’t be matched in terms of making one feel cosy and warm within themselves… particularly when it starts snowing outside.


It would be reasonable to think that the more light the more warmth, however, often the reverse is true.  Think of entering a room with a few glowing candles and perhaps a handful of string lights, that makes the room feel somewhat dark and cavernous.  Interestingly, this darkness doesn’t create coldness, it creates a sense of nesting and intimacy.  Now, contrast this dark ambient lighting with the bright lights of a hospital or office block.  See, it’s a misconception that light = warmth.  Indeed, it’s often the opposite way around.  Therefore, add more dimly glowing lamps, fairy lights, and candles to your interior to add instant warmth.


Okay, this one might seem like a bit of a curveball, but the warmth that a feline or canine companion brings to a home is off the chart.  Okay, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in that pets can be pesky at times, but on the whole, the amount of warmth and love they bring into your home and your life is absolutely phenomenal.