Artificial grass could be the antidote to muddy gardens

Artificial grass could be the antidote to muddy gardens

Hit and miss weather can often leave lawns damp or prone to muddiness on the sunny days between rainfall, but the growing market for artificial grass means more people can make the most of brighter spells, says managing director Dan Foskett.

Dan said: “With artificial grass, a dry day isn’t ruined simply because there have been a few downpours. There is nothing worse than planning a day on the lawn when the sun is shining, only to find it isn’t in good condition because of recent weather, but artificial grass puts an end to that.

“Additionally, with a long spell of rain, grass grows faster, so you often need to mow the lawn before you can enjoy it.

“The popularity of artificial grass has increased significantly over recent years, due to a number of reasons, such as improvements to the quality of the product and our erratic climate. A wide range of styles and price points are available now, to suit all budgets and needs, whether it is a lush lawn or a putting green, and they are family and pet friendly, too, with great drainage.

“When people buy a house with a lawn, they do so to enjoy it as much as possible, not to squeeze in lawn care whenever there is a dry day.”