Bold Is In, And We're Talking About More Than Just Colours

 Bold Is In, And We're Talking About More Than Just Colours

The hardest part of sprucing up your decor is knowing which trend is worth your time because everyone’s advice is so complicated. There is no overruling voice of reason that you can latch onto with the trust of a labrador and commit to with total faith. However, despite all the different trends that seem to be circulating as we come into this new season, there is one trend that is hard to ignore, and that is being bold.

That’s right, bold is in and we’re not just talking bold colours either. Making a statement with your interior is revered as one of the best ways to totally transform your living room and force mouths to fall agape as guests get welcomed into your home.

The best thing about being bold, however, is the amount of room there is to play with. It doesn’t matter if you have a fondness more traditional decor, have a soft spot for all things glam, want to bring back the swinging sixties, have a panache for a timeless style; being bold has no limits.

So, with that in mind, it is time to step out of your comfort zone, make your home as bold as your heart will let you go and create a little bit of wow-factor in your space.


Go Crazy With Colour

This may seem like an obvious one, but how you go crazy with colour is what will make the difference, as is where you slap this paint. To keep the change of seasons at heart and run with all things gorgeously autumnal, we recommend you use a deep or burnt orange to make a space pop, such as the wall going up your stairs. Add a big armchair at the bottom - a deep and dark colour would be best - with an orange cushion and you will see this usually forgotten area come to life and brighten your day in the best way possible.

Abstract Your Walls

There as a time when hanging oversized abstract art was all the rage and, well, it has come back into fashion once again. It could be that you hang a huge piece of framed art on the walls to create a whole new focal point slash conversation starter, or you could hang a throw on your walls, one that has a bold print bursting from the fabric. It could even be that you create your own piece of abstract art, split across three canvases, get them framed and celebrate having your own triptych piece of statement art that shows off your sense of style in all its glory. All you have to do is pull in the right hues from the colour palette in the room and you will be good to go.


The Last Furore Of Furniture

Every room deserves to house a piece of statement furniture to give it that extra layer of functional wow-factor. It is just a great way to draw the eyes, add another focal point and demonstrate you are willing to be daring. What we are absolutely loving at the moment is Cattelan Italia furniture, which lets you play around in every room, whether it be with a breathtaking bed, an innovative bookcase, creative coffee table or a special place to wine and dine. If you want to be really daring, however, then we suggest you look at investing in something like a patchwork chair, which will be sure to steal the spotlight. The upholstery on these is just impossible to ignore. So pair it with a neutral surrounding and this comfy armchair will not just offer you the perfect reading space but also act as a piece of art. That is what you want from statement furniture.

Monochrome Is Mega Again

The powerful contrast of mixing black with white is one that is bound to stand out. It was all the rage a few decades ago, and it is proving to be a big hit again. It could be that you have a black wall that is brought to life with white art and frames, a bookcase or white furniture, or you could even go the full hog and slap some striking black and white vertical stripe wallpaper to a wall to add a sense of wow to an otherwise forgotten wall. It is such a simple way to make an ordinary space truly wicked. If you do go down the striped wallpaper route, find one piece of statement art to go on the wall and watch it work its magic. Mirror, embellished frame, a canvas - whatever you are feeling.


The Lighting Is Crucial

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about the ceiling lights or the lamps that you dot around your space, these need to be statement pieces in their own right. Sure, lighting can be used to highlight certain statement pieces, but choosing fixtures and lamps that are themselves bold is going to please you no end. Even having budget-friendly chandeliers in the kitchen and living room is going to entertain, create a stir and add another layer of wow to your space. Your best bet with a chandelier is to hang them right above any conversation areas in your home, that way you are going to inspire a few nods of appreciation and even create a more creative topic of conversation. As for your lamps, nothing beats having a pair of unique, colourful and boldly designed lamps stood to attention at each end of your sofa. Sure, these may only be subtle statements, but their impact will be far bigger than you first realized. If you really want to give the base more to sing about then try adding a bigger and bolder shade to the top and seeing what that does to your space. It could even be that you add one of those delicious floor standing spotlight lamps - nothing can top the old Hollywood vibe.

What we are trying to say with all of this is relatively simple: you should never be afraid to buy some statement-makers. If you love something then it will work for you and your space; that is the only real rule worth following.