Cleaning Is Good For Mental Health, Says Study

Cleaning Is Good For Mental Health, Says Study

Brand new research has revealed that two fifths of Britons say they now clean more thanks to online influencers, with one in five claiming it has helped with their mental health.

Cleaning hacks have been around for many years, but since the recent craze of online cleaning influencers, such as Mrs Hinch and Marie Condo, it seems everyone is going cleaning crazy in their homes.

Home interiors specialists www.Hillarys.co.uk conducted a survey of more than 2,000 homeowners, with results revealing that two fifths of Britons are now hooked on following and learning from cleaning influencers online (41%), cleaning more often than they did before discovering them.

When asked what new habits they now do thanks to online cleaning influencers, it was found that 69% are buying products they’ve never purchased before, 46% of Britons are doing more detailed cleans of appliances and a further 36% are decluttering and throwing away items they no longer want or need.

Whilst 38% of respondents said that taking tips from cleaning influencers have made them feel good about themselves and their home, 19% admitted that their mental health has improved since taking tips from these influencers.

When asked to state how cleaning influencers have helped with their mental health the top reasons cited were ‘it keeps my mind occupied and distracts me from other things’ (56%), ‘it’s nice to have the online support network of other people going through the same issues with the same cleaning interest that can help you through and give you guidance’ (44%) and ‘It helps me to relax’ (32%).

More specifically, just over a third (32%) stated that they feel they are more in control of their lives since jumping on the cleaning bandwagon, and a further 24% admitted that they now run their own social media accounts helping others with tips and tricks for cleaning. It was found that of respondents who stated that they feel more in control of their lives, 18% also said they had also seen an improvement of planning day to day activities.

Tara Hall, spokesperson from www.Hillarys.co.uk, said:

“Social media is a great place to share ideas and form communities of like-minded people, and the astronomical success of Mrs Hinch is proof of how powerful it can be. It’s great to see that these accounts are genuinely helping people and encouraging people to take more care of their home.”