Expert Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

Expert Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

The start of a new season is a great time to find new energy to dust out the cobwebs, breathe fresh air into your home and spring clean your life!  Whether it’s sorting out your cupboards and clutter, updating your home or looking for ways to improve storage, now is a great time to get a plan in place.

The team at sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, have spoken to a variety of industry experts to find out what you can do this spring to improve your home. From saying goodbye to winter by ditching the clutter, to adding pops of colour into your living room, or even being bolder with your interior design choices to create a feeling of luxury without the price tag.  Here, they share their top tips:

Ditch the clutter

Over the winter months it’s easy to let clutter build up, however the rise of spring means now is the perfect time to get on top of it. Wendy Mallins, blogger at Daisies & Pies believes getting on top of cleaning will help you enjoy your time in the home more: “Inject new life into your home by getting on top of the clutter and housework, that way your home will feel totally re-freshed and welcoming whenever you come through the front door. We advise a good housework routine and adding an element of fun by sharing the chores with the entire family, so everyone does their bit to make your home run better and feel great.

“It’s a great idea to split chores into daily, weekly and monthly lists so you tackle small areas at a time and don’t get overwhelmed. We also love to get through the housework by setting a timer for 30 minutes and running around crazily getting it done so we can get on with all the nice things.”

Be stylish with storage

Effective storage is a number one for many homeowners Simon Nicholson, Furniture Buying Director at ScS, said: “Most people will agree that space is something they need more of in their home. Over time, and with growing families, we tend to lose more and more space and being savvy with storage solutions can really help.

“Try to choose at least one piece of storage furniture in each room. Whether it’s a stylish sideboard in your kitchen or a useful coffee table with hidden storage in your living room, the extra storage is sure to make a huge difference in your home and buying new furniture is a fantastic opportunity to have a clear-out.

“What’s more, if you’re struggling with space to host guests, why not invest in a sofa bed for your living room? Sofa beds come in all different styles and models and are great for offering extra space when people stay over. They’re also easy to tidy away the next day!”

Brighten your home and your mood

As we approach spring and the lighter mornings and warmer days, brighter colours become a great addition to the home. Natalie Lockwood, interior design blogger at Little Mill House says, “We have seen a huge focus on dark interiors in recent years. During 2018, I think we will see a return to lighter walls with bold accent colours added to rooms with luxurious materials. Think bright velvet scatter cushions and glass vases in bright pink, these colours have depth that will instantly lift the mood and put a spring in your step.

“Using luxury materials in small home accessories will give the home a boutique hotel feel without a huge price tag, making your evenings and weekends feel like a treat every week...a 'staycation' in your own house!”

Freshen up your flooring

The spring season is the perfect excuse to spruce up your home. Updating your flooring is a simple yet cost-effective way to quickly inject new life into your home. Farren Murphy, Head of Flooring at ScS, said: “At this time of year, people will be starting their spring cleans and looking to freshen up their homes. Replacing your flooring is the perfect place to start.LVT flooring is a great option as it has been specifically designed to give people a variety of choice and design that is reasonably priced.

“From realistic wood and tile effect, to stone textures and more, our extensive LVT collection offers a practical and fashionable alternative to real wood flooring or laminate. It is quick and easy to fit, meaning you could transform your living space in just a few hours.”

Blooming lovely

Miranda Hackett, florist at Miranda Hackett Flowers, believes that spring is the perfect time to introduce fresh flowers into the home. She says: “At this time of year, woody, stemmed branches are perfect for indoor flower arrangements as they provide drama and shape but are also excellent at giving structural support to other floral elements, thus avoiding the need for floral foam. Woody branches also last a long time, developing from budding wintery stems to branches of emerging leaves, such as Hazel or Beech and flowers such as bright yellow Forsythia and elegant Magnolia.

“Display your flowers in a large clean vase and add a drop of bleach in the water to maintain clarity. For greater density, try adding some evergreens such as Bay, Pittosporum and Eucalyptus. Viburnum is an all-round winner too, its leaves and bushy shaped branches fill the centre of an arrangement and it has lovely pink buds which open to small white flowers. All of these flower and foliage elements are in season in British gardens at the moment. Arrangements like these should last and develop for weeks in an indoor heated environment. Change the water regularly to keep the stems fresh and the water clean.”

Make your home personal

Jonathan Warren, director at Time 4 Sleep, said: “Your home should reflect your style and character and the new spring season is the perfect time to give your home a well-deserved make-over. Whether you incorporate bright colours and vibrant patterns or quirky accessories, always take the time to inject some of your personality into every room in your home.

“A great place to start when making your home your own is with the furniture. Choose statement pieces to really make your room stand out. For example, an elaborate, upholstered bed will transform a simple bedroom to create a more glamorous, boutique-style room. If you want to keep your décor chic and neutral, consider adding a distinctive piece of furniture to each room to make the space unique and personal to you.”