From Period to 21st Century: Fantastic Kitchen Upgrades

From Period to 21st Century: Fantastic Kitchen Upgrades

Lots of people are now choosing to buy period properties as they are often full of charm and character. But all that charm and character can often come at a price, as the most important rooms in the house can often require a lot of work and renovation. Unfortunately, upgrading a period kitchen can be quite a tricky task, as you need to make sure that you keep all of the original characteristics while also adding plenty of modern features and appliances that can make it a lot easier to use. Hopefully, the following tips can help you get the upgrade just right.


Change The Flooring

In today’s interior design trends, the current fashion is to have the same type of flooring across an entire floor. So, for example, you might choose to have hardwood floors in all your downstairs rooms. This helps make the rooms feel a lot larger as they will flow into one another. If your kitchen has a completely different style of flooring to the rooms adjacent to it, then it is very much worth updating them so that they match.

Add Some Smart Tech

Smart tech is one of the simplest ways you can bring any room into the 21st century. And, as it can be as discreet as you want it to be, you don’t have to worry about it ruining any of the original charm and character of the room. There are a few different pieces of smart tech that you can add to your kitchen, such as smart lighting and a wireless thermostat. You can then use your period kitchen without all the effort that would have gone into period cooking!


Modern Appliances, Vintage Furniture

Adding modern appliances can also help to make your whole kitchen a lot more convenient to use. However, most homeowners are worried that bringing in too many contemporary appliances can spoil the look of their kitchen. That really isn’t the case, though. You can add a modern sink from, oven, microwave, and other appliances as long as you offset them with some vintage furniture. All of the vintage furniture can help to offset the modernity that the appliances will bring, and can add a nice burst of period charm.

Hide Appliances With Bespoke Cabinets

Of course, there will be some modern appliances that tip the balance of your kitchen decor too much over to the contemporary side. But don’t worry, there is something you can do about these - you just need to get some bespoke cabinets that can hide them. For instance, many people place their washing machine and dishwasher in between their kitchen cupboards. But, rather than have them on show, you could hire a carpenter like to create some cabinet doors that can be placed in front of the appliances. You then only have to open them to access the appliance to use it. The rest of the time, it’s hidden behind some gorgeous period carpentry!

As you can see, bringing your period kitchen into the 21st century is very achievable!