Happy Home Tips For Under £100

Happy Home Tips For Under £100

In a recent article about interior design, we’ve described how a poll of adults in the UK feels happier and more optimistic when they are surrounded by bright colours. Psychologist Emma Kenny explains that the presence of bright colours naturally raises the endorphin levels, and is proven to, therefore, result in increased levels of happiness.

However, with over 50% of the adult British population admitting that they could do with a little more happiness in their lives, there is an essential question that needs to be asked: What can we do to bring more happy colours into your life? More importantly, there is an additional concern on top of happiness, and it relates to budget. As much as we all want happier surroundings, we also would prefer if this happiness-boosting environment didn’t break the bank as well. There’s, after all, no such thing as happy and in debt. So let’s have a look at 4 ways of brightening up your home for under £100.

Colours makes us happy

There Was Light… And It Was Bright

They used to be a hit in student rooms; the mood lamps are back into everyday life. Mood lighting is a way of adding colours to create an ambiance in your home or your garden. From the usual suspects, with the Himalayan salt lamp that glows red and the dual-coloured lava lamp, to more creative solutions with colour changing bulbs and lamps, there is plenty of options for you to pick from. Therefore it’s important to give you a little warning before your turn the house into a colourful disco: Mood lighting is best suited for areas where you would not require proper lighting – in short, stick to standard lighting solutions for the kitchen, the home office, the dining room, the craft room and the bathroom. Mood lamps create an invigorating atmosphere in the bedroom, the living room, and at night in the garden. A soft colour changing lamp in the bedroom, for instance, can prepare you for a night of sweet and happy dreams. But you need to be careful as if the colours change too quickly; it’s likely to trick your brain into thinking that you need to stay awake.

Bright Heat Waves

You can turn boring structural systems in the house into colourful, decorative accents. Your radiators, for example, tend to blend into the wall. But you can find playful ways of using an immovable item as a piece of your interior décor by adding colours to it. If you decide to embrace the DIY side of the project, it is important to clean your radiator thoroughly and to prime it with a metal primer before you can apply the top coat. If you are not up for a DIY challenge, or if your radiators are getting a little old, you can have a look at the colourful range of products available on the market, Only Radiators, for example, have a range of horizontal, vertical and column radiators. They also propose four colours and custom design. Sometimes, all you need is a new anthracite radiator to change the feeling in the room.

Playful Kitchen- And Cookware

The quickest way to sit down in your living room and enjoy a good cup of tea is to prepare it in your favourite colour mug. Whether it’s orange, purple, apple green, or blue, a colourful mug always brings a smile on your face. Similarly, if you want to extend the smile to any interaction that you have with food and drink, you can have a look for colourful kitchenware. You can find bright bowls and plates for only a couple of GBP in all the best shops. More importantly, changing the colour of your plate, pans and bowls has a subtle impact on the taste of your meal. It’s said that dark colours can make the food look dull, but that picking your favourite colours will give it more taste. More importantly, this will brighten up your kitchen and your dining room significantly.

Let The Furniture Do The Talking

Last on the list of affordable happy tips, is chalk paint. Painting furniture has become a trend for many crafters, and it’s easy to understand why: it’s so easy that even beginners can achieve great results. So if you are thinking about creating a happy environment in your living room, the best way to start is to give your coffee table a bright makeover. If you are painting only one piece of furniture, you can go bold and pick a vivid colour – red or yellow, for example, are excellent choices – as it will create a charming décor accent. If you are painting several pieces, it’s best to coordinate the colours before your start.