How Technology Will Revolutionise Our Homes

How Technology Will Revolutionise Our Homes

Self-cleaning toilets, a television which chooses programmes for you - and a robot that delivers breakfast in bed are all features we hope to see in the home of the future.

Windows which tint automatically in the sunshine and a wardrobe that irons clothes while they are hanging up also made a list of inventions we hope will be developed to make our lives easier.

Other inclusions on the smart home wish list are shower heads with in-built Bluetooth to enable us to answer calls whilst washing and 'Fitbit' style beds which record how good your night's sleep was.

A bath that fills up instantly, bathroom scales which calculate your BMI, and a fridge which automatically re-orders items when they run out is also a dream for many.

In order to keep control of all these system, a third of people expect a smart hub will be used to connect the devices together and controlled via a smartphone.

Researchers have also found that one in four homeowners are already future proofing their homes by investing in the latest technology and gadgetry, and three quarters believe all of Britain’s homes will be ‘smart’ within the next 20 years

The research has been commissioned to mark the launch of Smart Home Week (29th May), a brand new initiative supported by Yale, Samsung SmartThings and Phillips Hue.

Smart Home Week is a showcase for the very best in smart, connected and integrated home technology, helping Brits get to grips with the smart home as well as understanding how they can update their homes for the better and make the most out of smart devices.

Nigel Fisher, a spokesman for Smart Home Week said: “It’s clear from the smart home wish list that more people are looking for new ways to make their lives easier and more convenient.

 The research shows 85% of people have heard of a smart home (compared to 57% in 2015) and almost one in four already have some smart capabilities in their home.  These figures show just how far the market has come in such a short space of time and how quick the pace of change will be going forwards.”

The wish list also featured fingerprint scanning door locks, and a detector that knows if someone has been in your room as things people most expect to find in their home in two decades’ time.

Others want life made simpler with self-loading washing machines, a self-sorting laundry basket and a bed that gradually wakes you up in the morning.

While the top 30 list of ‘smart home’ inclusions also features self-locking doors which lock the same time each night, a toilet that analyses your diet and a fridge which knows when the shelves are full of a meat.

A garage which features a giant electric car-charging pad would also be a welcome step forward, as would a carpet that retracts so you can have hardwood floors if you fancy a change.

The study shows people believe we are closest to achieving Big Brother style security with cameras and finger-print scanning door locks, with many thinking they’ll be a feature of the home within the next two years.

When away from the home, 55 per cent would like a sophisticated way of checking home security, while 46 per cent would like the curtains to automatically open and close.

A further 44 per cent want to be able to check if the heating is on or off, and the same percentage want to be able to check if anyone is snooping around the house.

Nigel for Smart Home Week continues: Smart Home Week (29th May- 4th June) will be bringing together a range of brands to help educate and inform homeowners about the smart home and offer great value promotions and incentives on the latest technology.

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1.Self-cleaning toilets

2.A system that cleans the house for you

3.Windows that tint automatically in the sunshine

4.Fingerprint scanning door locks

5.A wardrobe that irons clothes while they are hanging up

6.Bathroom scales which test your BMI

7.Garages that charge your electric car just by parking on a giant pad

8.Fridge that tells you which foods are reaching their use-by date

9.'Fitbit' style beds which record how good your night's sleep is

10.Teleportation device