Is It The Tardis? No, It's Your One Bedroom Apartment

Is It The Tardis? No, It's Your One Bedroom Apartment

What small homeowner doesn’t envy Dr Who his Tardis? It may seem like a police box from the outside, but inside it’s more spacious than you’d imagine. By comparison, your one bedroom apartment is every bit as cramped as it looks. Sadly, you don’t have the magical prowess of the good Dr.Or, do you? What if we were to tell you that it’s entirely possible to master space in a small house? The magic may not be as impressive as the illusion of the Tardis, but it won’t be far off. Instead of struggling to find room on the sofa, you could soon be spreading your legs. And, all you need to do to achieve the goal is consider these pointers.

Multi-purpose furniture

The first thing to consider is how you can double up on the purposes of your furniture. It may seem strange, but why have two things when you can get away with one? A bed with storage underneath will do away with the need for a bulky wardrobe. when you’re finished could double as a pinboard for your important documents. You could even double up on the purpose of rooms if you think about it hard enough. Why not invest in a corner sofa bed, and turn your living space into a spare room whenever you need it? A lot of Dr Who’s magic comes from ingenious thinking. So, smart ideas like this are sure to set you on the same level. Just watch; your house will be the spitting image of the tardis in no time. Well, almost…

Every nook and cranny

When working with limited space, it’s essential you make the most of every nook and cranny. Wasted space just isn’t an option when you’re trying to get the most from a small apartment. As such, you need to consider the best use for every inch of your home. Forget about space under the coffee table - use this for book storage. Or, invest in some storage boxes and slip them under there instead. Forget about letting your under stair cupboard go to rot and ruin; renovate it into a tiny office space. Again, it’s all about your thinking. If you think big, your space will grow with you.The minimal approachNo matter how smart you get, there’s no denying that clutter suffocates space. In a small apartment, even a tiny amount of clutter can do real damage to the overall feel. So, it’s worth taking a minimal approach to fit your minimal living area. Lucky for you, minimalism is bang on trend.

Try to get rid of any unnecessary items. Sure, there’s charm in ornaments and quirky additions. But, not when you have no space. Get rid, and save your collections for a larger house. For now, less is definitely more. Aside from the odd houseplant, try to keep things bare. Painting your walls reflective colours will also help. And, white works perfectly with the minimalist design.