Is Your House Secretly Killing You?

Is Your House Secretly Killing You?

Most people feel safe in their own home, but did you know that your bedroom and kitchen could actually be killing you? A new guide reveals the hidden dangers that lurk in our homes, looking at common bacteria and their startling side-effects...

The bedroom might be most people’s favourite place, but it’s actually one of the most dangerous rooms in the house.Is Your House Killing You? reveals that your bedding harbours dead skin cells, dust mite faeces and the fungi aspergillus fumigatus - all of which can cause respiratory issues and flu.

And that’s not all - shower heads are a breeding ground for non-tuberculous mycobacteria that can infect the lungs and lead to pulmonary infections. Even the solvents on your painted walls are toxic, causing dizziness, headaches and - if inhaled - severe respiratory issues. 

Other dangerous toxins and their alarming side-effects include:

-Salmonella, found in carpets, toilets and fridges, can cause a fever, diarrhoea, cramping and headaches.

-Staphylococcus bacteria pervades bathroom surfaces and your toothbrush holder, leading to gastrointestinal viruses, cellulitis and toxic shock syndrome.

-Coliform hides on your cutting boards and kitchen sink and can cause severe lung, nervous system and liver infections to those with weakened immune systems.

-Your sofa conceals the chemical formaldehyde, which can provoke allergy-like reactions, including burning eyes, wheezing and skin irritation. Long-term exposure can even cause cancer.

The comprehensive guide also looks at the number of active power stations, sewage treatment plants, landfill sites and air pollution rate to reveal the most dangerous cities to live in across the UK.

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