Majority Bicker Over Household Rules

Majority Bicker Over Household Rules

When it comes to the home it seems we are a nation of rule-enforcers, but this could be at the expense of a harmonious household, according to new research.

The survey of 1,067 UK and Irish adults conducted by heating oil supplier SuperSaver Oil revealed how more than half (53%) have fallen out with a household member over rules in the home.

In fact, 1 in 3 (33%) of adults questioned wished they lived on their own because co-habitants don’t follow rules in the home.

When quizzed on the rules in the home, the most common rule was revealed as no shoes on the furniture (62%).

Meanwhile, no phones at the dinner table came in second place, with 46% admitting to implementing this rule.

Turning off the lights before leaving the room came closely behind in third place with 44% of the vote.

This was followed by emptying the dishwasher, with more than 1 in 3 (37%) imposing this household rule among their co-habitants, while 33% said it was no eating on the sofa.

A further 28% revealed they ask for the TV to be turned off (when not in use), with 25% of respondents stating their most common rule was no swearing.

More than 1 in 6 (22%) said they impose the rule of not slamming doors, followed by 17% who said that shoes must be taken off at the front door.

No pets on the furniture (14%) completed the list of the top ten rules in the home that adults want their co-habitants to abide by.

Mark Hackett, project manager at SuperSaver Oil, commented: “’It is not surprising to see how many of us impose rules in the home. From taking your shoes off to no technology at the dinner table, there’s a certain protocol that still needs to be upheld even when you are in your home among companions. These rules can change a bit depending on the ages in the household, but it is still important to have some basic rules for everyone to follow. Once these rules have been implemented though it is vital that everyone sticks to them so that it helps make a harmonious and happy household.”

Despite imposing rules in the home, they appear to have little impact as more than 1 in 3 (34%) admitted they break the household rules on a regular basis.

Top 10 Rules in the Home According to UK and Irish Adults:

  1. No shoes on the furniture – 62%
  2. No phones allowed at the dinner table – 46%
  3. Turning the lights off before leaving the room – 44%
  4. Loading the dishwasher – 37%
  5. No eating on the sofa – 33%
  6. Turning the TV off in the home when not in use – 28%
  7. No swearing – 25%
  8. No slamming doors – 22%
  9. Shoes off at the front door – 17%
  10. No pets on the furniture – 14%