Modern Makeovers: Bring Your Retro Kitchen Up To Date!

Modern Makeovers: Bring Your Retro Kitchen Up To Date!

Just like fashion trends, home decor trends come and go. For the most part, it’s easy to keep our homes up to date; a quick coat of paint, some new wallpaper and some fresh accessories can easily transform the space. But when it comes to the kitchen, it’s a little more difficult since most of it is physically built in. And with kitchens being so expensive, they’re not the kind of thing you can just rip out and replace at a moment’s notice.

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home, and the kitchen looks like something from a time warp, or perhaps you’ve lived in your property for a long time and it’s been a while since it was updated. Either way, there are things you can do to bring it up to date without having to rip out the entire thing and start again. Here’s how you can go about it:

Paint The Walls

Just the simple act of repainting the kitchen can give it a new lease of life. With food splashes from bubbling pots, grease marks oil and peeling wallpaper due to cooking steam, it doesn’t take long for everything to start looking worse for wear. Strip off old wallpaper, give the walls a good sand and repaint with a light, neutral shade to make everything look fresh and spacious. Choosing a paint that’s mould resistant and wipe clean is a good choice in the kitchen, that way you can clean it down every now and again without having to completely redecorate.

Paint or Replace The Tiles

One of the things in the kitchen that can really bring down the look is the tiles. Whether it’s due to an old fashioned and frumpy design or because the grout is past its best, tackling this is a good way to bring the kitchen up to scratch. You could either paint the tiles and the grout white using tile paint, or look into kitchen splashbacks instead. These are easy to fit, easy to clean and come in all different designs so are ideal for any style of kitchen. Having something like this installed can work out far cheaper and quicker than getting new tiles.

Replace Cupboard Doors

If the cupboards themselves are ok, just replacing the fronts will give the appearance of a brand new kitchen. This works out a lot cheaper than having the whole lot re-done, and if you’re happy with the layout that’s in place, it’s unnecessary to do this anyway. Since kitchen doors are a standard size, you can go into any DIY store and simply pick out some new ones that you like the look of.

Have New Flooring Fitted

Are you stuck with ugly old tiles? Perhaps they’re cracked, chipped and generally worse for wear. Having these replaced can be expensive so you might be putting up with them just because you feel like you don’t have any choice. However, it’s easy to have a new floor covering put down right over the top. It could be vinyl sheeting, vinyl tiles or laminate, these are much cheaper options and can be installed by a professional in just a couple of hours. This can completely change the look of the room, modernise it and leave it looking fresh and new.