Pre-Autumn House Essentials

Pre-Autumn House Essentials

It feels like summer has only just got into full swing, and already here we are, talking about the end of it. After a wet and rainy July, you might already be thinking that autumn is nipping at your heels - and the truth is, the days of summer for this year are numbered. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

Not only is it troubling to contemplate a return to long nights and frostbitten fingertips any time you want to step into the garden, but autumn brings along with it a variety of home maintenance essentials. While it’s not something you likely want to contemplate during the last heady days of summer, it’s better to make a start than have problems occur as the year rolls around to October.

So, where can you begin?

1) Get Ready For Leaves

Autumn is a season of red and golden hues, making even the dullest areas appear to be alive with colour and majesty. Yet despite the beauty, those leaves can also be inherently problematic - especially when they fall and clog your drains. This can cause huge problems for any household, so now is the time to install drain covers and check everything is running as it should be.

2) Spiders

Few people in this world like to think about spiders, but the truth is, autumn is when you’re going to see them. Over recent years, the panic about false widow spiders has reached a climax in the UK - despite the threat from these eight-legged-beasties being incredibly mild.

Even if you don’t subscribe to the panic over the idea of spiders, they’re nevertheless not the most welcome of sights, especially if you suffer from arachnophobia. If you want to keep your internal space a spider-free zone, now is the time of year that you should be plugging holes in the exterior of your house. Spiders tend to migrate indoors during the autumn months, so make sure they’ve not got easy access!

3) Central Heating

Even with a fairly mild summer, few of us will have had to turn on our central heating since around the beginning of April. However, as we stare down the barrel of the colder months to come, it’s now time to think about it again.

British Gas have announced they are raising electricity prices by 12.5%. Of course, that’s electricity, so why should that be a particular concern if you have gas central heating? It’s still a problem; the average dual-fuel tariff is set to rise by 7.3% because of the electricity increase. If you’re not with British Gas, then that doesn’t mean you’re safe - energy companies have a history of raising prices around the same time, so there could be one on the horizon from your supplier.

So now is the time - before the winter rush - to make sure you are getting the best deal possible for your energy usage. By locking into a good deal before anyone else is really thinking about winter, you could save a fortune.

Although autumn is now on the horizon, there’s no reason you can’t be perfectly prepared for it.