REVIEW: New Elevation Collection by Yankee Candle

REVIEW: New Elevation Collection by Yankee Candle

Styled with a unique and contemporary square-shaped silhouette, the Yankee Candle Elevation Collection with Platform Lid features a specially designed lid that securely fits into the bottom of the glass, acting as a pedestal and enhancing the premium look of the candle.

The collection balances high-quality glass and minimalist lines, resulting in a distinct shape that complements the style of any home. A smooth soy wax blend and fresh, layered fragrances lead to an enjoyable, room-filling experience.

The unique lid for these square candles fits perfectly under the candle to create a sculpted platform base. This clever design enhances the sleek silhouette and showcases the unique, illustrated labels, creating an inviting warmth. Multiple wicks enhance the fragrance experience.

The candles come in a variety of scents from 'sweet nectar blossom' to 'frosted fir' and 'shore breeze', and in three different sizes. These sumptuous room-filling scents are sure to have something to tempt the olfactory sense of most people.

Available online and in good stores priced from £8.99 to £23.99 each. Please click here for more information and to buy.