The Cost Of Clumsiness: Average Briton Replaces Over £1k Worth Of Broken Items Each Year

 The Cost Of Clumsiness: Average Briton Replaces Over £1k Worth Of Broken Items Each Year

Brand new research has revealed that the average British household spent around £1,090 replacing home furnishings, small appliances and kitchenware last year, with almost a third of this spend going towards items that had been damaged or broken whilst the owner was under the influence of alcohol.

A new study from home interiors specialists www.Hillarys.co.uk has revealed the amount of money that clumsiness costs homeowners who need to replace items around the house in a typical year. Crockery, wine glasses, cutlery and picture frames emerged as the items most likely to need replacing.

More than 2,000 British homeowners were asked roughly how much money they’d spent on replacing damaged, broken or lost items within their homes during the past twelve months, with the average total emerging as £1,090 per household.

When asked which items they spent the most on replacing, the following came out as the top five:

1.  Crockery (plates, mugs, etc.) – £67

2.  Wine/cocktail glasses – £40

3.  Cutlery/kitchen utensils – £25

4.  Mirrors/picture frames – £39

5.  Vases/plant pots - £30

More than one third of those polled (32%) admitted to researchers that they’d been either under the influence of alcohol or hungover when they’d broken or damaged at least one item in their home. Just under a fifth (19%) admitted that their children were responsible for breakages and damage caused to items in their home, with a further 13% blaming pets.

Tara Hall, spokesperson from www.Hillarys.co.uk, said:

“Accidents do happen, especially if you’ve got small children or pets at home or if you’ve had a drink or two! It’s interesting to see how these costs add up over the year though – perhaps it might encourage people to be a bit more careful around the house!”