Wake Up Your Bathroom To Bring A Boost To Your Mornings

Wake Up Your Bathroom To Bring A Boost To Your Mornings

Few of us are our best selves in the morning. Some people leap out of bed fresh and alert; but the majority of us stumble out of bed with eyes closed. It may take half the morning for us to wake up properly and focus - and then only after cups of coffee. There is little doubt that morning forgetfulness can be costly. What’s more, it’s hardly the ideal way to start a day. 

So, how can you prepare for your day in the best possible way? The best thing is to focus on the first room you go to each morning. For most of us, that’s the bathroom. And, here’s how you can set it up to make sure you wake up your mornings.

Get bright

First, paint your bathroom a bright colour. This is a psychological thing. If you’re entering a dark room, your brain is more likely to stay in sleep mode. But, if you use a yellow paint like this one found at www.diy.com, you’ll instantly feel better. Yellow is especially useful as it mimics the sun, but you’ll find the same effect from any bright option. The moment you walk into the room, that colour will boost you and leave you feeling ready to go. 

Keep everything on show

Many of us have a fear of clutter. We hide everything in cupboards and pretend we don’t have any belongings. Which is all well and good, until you forget to put any jewellery on in the mornings, or even to do your makeup. If you can see everything the moment you walk into the bathroom, you remove the chance of forgetting your beauty routine. Stock up on makeup holders to turn this into a feature. For jewellery, buy decorative dishes. If you’ve always avoided getting a nice ring because you didn’t think you’d remember to put it on, this could be your excuse. With a dish in place, you can head to sites like http://yourdiamondguru.com/reviews/james-allen/ and start searching for the diamond for you. After all, there’s no reason you won’t remember it each morning when it’s right in front of you!


Leave yourself notes

Of course, not everything you need to do will be in the bathroom. Your lunch, for instance, won’t keep in your shower cubicle. But, your bathroom could have you covered here, too. All you need to do is leave yourself little reminders. We’re not saying you need to cover the room with post-it notes. Instead, be subtle. Why not write a cute poem with subtle reminders and put it in a frame? You could even get your list printed on a towel or bath mat. Then, you’ll never have an excuse for a forgetful morning again!