Why Your Garden Looks Like All The Rest

Why Your Garden Looks Like All The Rest

If you are starting to feel that there is not much which is distinctive or unique about your own garden, then it might be time to look into what you can do to improve that. As it happens, it is relatively easy to make your garden stand out more than it currently does, so long as you are happy putting a little extra effort into it and taking a step back to look at it in a new and bold kind of way. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the things you can do to keep your garden looking unique and individual from the rest on your street, but without being over the top and getting a little too much attention. Let’s take a look - it might be easier than you think to do this.

You Have No Statement Sculptures

Because many of the plants and flowers you will have are likely to look the same, you can easily gain an advantage over your neighbours by simply installing one or two statement sculptures in your garden. These will be even more effective if you also try to express yourself through the choices you make with them. For instance, if you are a keen traveller and you want to bring a little of India back to your garden, you might choose to have a few elephant sculptures dotted around your garden. But it’s really up to you, so try and make it personal to you. The more personal to you it is, the more likely it is that your garden will be original and look as distinctive as you want it to look, so that is really the key to choosing the right sculptures - and much else that you will be trying to do here as well.

You Have The Usual Designs

When it comes to planning out the flower beds, it’s likely that you find yourself automatically following a very specific kind of stylistic choice than most people do. If this is so, it will almost certainly mean that your garden does not really look as unique as it could, so you might want to think about what you could do to change this in some way. As it happens, designing your garden to se different from others is pretty easy. It mostly just takes a bold vision, and the ability to it down and plan out on paper what design you think would look best. Think critically; look at the space you actually have, and think to yourself what could you do there. You might find it turns into something of an art project, and that you find yourself running away with some ideas as you work on it. This is a good sign that it will turn out to be pretty unique indeed.

Your Lawn Is Basic

Most people simply aim to have a lawn which is striped, well-cut, and basic. While this might be the neat option, and the inoffensive option, it is also likely to be the safe option. If you want your garden to really strike a pose, then you might want to think about shaking things up a bit when it comes to your lawn. To do this, you could consider planting some mint in with the grass as well. Many kinds of mint act as a kind of carpet, so you could actually have a whole other kind of lawn going on. You might also want to think about whether you really want the striped effect, or whether you want to go for something that looks a little different - perhaps even a little more rustic. It’s entirely up to you, but remember that the lawn is one place where you can easily express yourself and make your garden look a little more different.

You Haven’t Worked It Yet

Probably the most common reason that a garden looks like all the best is because it simply hasn’t had the work put into it yet. Maybe you are not keen to get down and dirty and do the hard work, or you have just been building yourself up to it. Either way, you should remember that nothing will get done unless you do it - so if you really care about your garden, you should make sure that you are happy to work the land. It takes a lot of effort, and you need to be happy to spend time most days in the garden keeping it looking good, so remember that before you set out to make a change in the garden.