Your Dream Home In Just One Weekend

Your Dream Home In Just One Weekend

Every homeowner is constantly on the lookout for little DIY projects that will upgrade their space and make their homes look that little bit more expensive.

We’re not talking about ripping out your bathroom units and installing the kind of state of the art contraptions you find in Japanese public toilets, or knocking through your kitchen wall because you’ve watched a Youtube video on how to install bi-fold doors. We’re talking about simple things that will see you move three steps closer to your dream home in just one weekend.

So, without further ado, here are some amazing upgrades you can start on Friday afternoon and have finished before Sunday lunch, which is when you promised the kids you’d have the BBQ up and running.

1. Paint The Floor A Nice Shade Of Wow

For some reason during the sixties, seventies and even eighties, people thought linoleum flooring looked great. Don’t ask us why, they just did. If you have one in your home - usually the bathroom or kitchen - you’ll know this was a mistake on the previous owner's behalf. Luckily for you, a total upgrade doesn’t require ripping them up and laying down something new. It just needs a roll of masking tape and some paint.

2. Tab Curtains To The Rescue

When you first moved into your place, you probably headed to Ikea to pick up some cheap bits and bobs that would do for now but you’d replace later; things like wire shelving units to put this and that on. But ten years later and they are still there. Well, instead of saying you’re going to get rid of them soon, give up pretending and use some nice tab curtains to cover them up a bit.

3. Enjoy A Canopy Bed

Pop into any of your local bed superstores and your heart might lead you straight to the four-poster bed section, only to reveal the price is out of your league. But there is still a way around this. Simply pop to Screwfix or somewhere, buy some curtain rods, attach them to the ceiling around your bed and, voila, create your very own little bedroom hideaway.

4. Stairway To Heaven

Stairs have long been seen to offer a purpose - take you from the ground floor to the one above and vice versa - but that doesn’t mean they can’t be dressed up and improved. That could mean adding something as simple as new stair nosings to your current situation, or it might mean going full hog and creating a flashy stair runner complete with shiny bars to keep it in place. It’s your call.

5. Bring Your Appliances Back To Life

Appliances have come a long way since being white or prosthetic limb coloured, but not all of them have been given the chrome makeover. If yours fall into the latter group, we have some great news: liquid, stainless steel paint is a thing. That means you can paint all of your appliances - from your fridge to your washing machine - a nice chrome colour and make them look brand new.