Your Home Can be Cosier

Your Home Can be Cosier

It’s summer now, so you might not be thinking much about how cosy your home is; you’re probably more concerned with keeping the place cool and ensuring that the garden is a green and pleasant place to spend as much time as possible. But, it won’t be too long until Autumn is upon us and it’ll start getting cooler. When that happens, you’ll want your home to be warm and cosy right? That’s why you need to start the process of making your home even cosier right now. Here’s how:

Add More Pillows

One of the easiest, and more affordable ways to make your home feel cosier is to simply add more pillows. Whether it's cushions, throw pillows, bolsters, or throw cushions, the more of them you have dotted around, the more inviting your home looks and the more comfortable you can make yourself when you’re sitting around enjoying a film on Netflix or indulging in a favourite hobby.

Consider Underfloor Heating

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of bed in the morning to be met with a freezing cold floor under your feet - well it wakes you up pretty quickly I suppose - which is why you need to think about electric underfloor heating. Not only will it help to prevent early morning shocks, but it will also distribute the heat more evenly, so there are no more cold spots in your home.

Light Your Candles

Candles are a quick fix that will instantly make any room look at least 50 per cent cosier than it was before once they’re lit. They produce a kind of diffused light that softens everything around them and which makes everyone in the room feel a lot warmer. If you choose scented candles., go for comforting aromas like lavender and jasmine, and it will help you to feel even more relaxed, comfy and cosy. What could be easier?

Paint One Wall in Rich Tones

Of course, you can decorate every wall in your room in  tones of red, brown or orange if you want to, but if you’re not a fan of lots of colour, painting just one feature wall in a rich tone will make it feel so much warmer and inviting than if all of the walls are white or cream for example. If you really don’t want to introduce any colour to your walls, you can bring in some richer toned with throws, pillows and other accessories for a similar effect.

Arrange Your Furniture Around the Fire

If you have a fire in your home, arranging the furniture so that it is pointing towards the flames will instantly give you a cosier feeling and ensure that you stay warm when the temperature does eventually start to drop. Add a few hand-woven throws and you’ll be in heaven.

Go Potty for Plants

Having lots of plants in your home is an easy way to add colour, texture and shape to your interior. Plants have also been shown to have a calming effect on the mind and body, and many of them will purify the air too, So it makes sense to dot lots of them around if you want to up the cosiness factor.

Start now, and your home will be so very cosy when you really need it to be!