Five Ways to Keep Your Home Running Smoothly this Winter

Five Ways to Keep Your Home Running Smoothly this Winter

We are still well in the throes of winter, and the weather isn’t getting warmer anytime soon. Many of us are choosing to stay at home a little more, and the mornings are as dark as the evenings. So with more time at home, it’s now more vital than ever that our homes remain running smoothly. So what precautions can we take to ensure that this happens? Here are five simple ways you can keep your home running smoothly this winter.

1. Keep those water pipes protected

One of the first things you can do is keep your water pipes protected. The cold weather can often freeze the pipes, and it can cause problems when the temperature begins to warm up, and pipe can burst with the added pressure. Of course you can get in touch with an emergency plumbing service to sort the problem out initially. You can try and avoid it completely by protecting the pipes with an added layer of foam around the outside. This could keep the temperature a little warmer than the actual outside weather temperature and perhaps stop pipes freezing completely.

2. Look out for warning signs that the heating is on the blink

We all rely on our heating systems at this time of the year. It is difficult to even imagine that it could stop working when we need it the most. But alas, these things do happen, and more often than not, it will probably be the coldest day of the year. So a great tip is to look out for warning signs that things aren’t working correctly. Is the house getting as warmed up as quick as it should be? Is it retaining the temperature?

3. Give those gutters a good clear out

The weather isn’t always ideal in winter. We see more rainy days as well as ice and snow. So it is always going to be worth your time to prepare the exterior of your home for such weather conditions and your gutters could be a great place to start. In the winter leaves and debris can gather, and subsequently block your drainage. Which can cause all sorts of problems including flooding.

4. Give your radiators some TLC

If you find that your home isn’t warming up quickly enough, and your boiler seems to be working just fine, then the problem could be with your radiators. It is always advisable to give your radiators some love, especially during the winter months. Bleeding them, which basically means letting the air out of the system, will allow you radiators to heat up and get warm again.

5. Leave the cold outside the home

Finally, no one wants to feel the cold in their home, but if you do have draight spots then the chances are you feel them more at this time of the year. Why not make it your mission to cover up any holes or cracks where cold air can get in? A door sweep at the bottom of your front door. Extra sealant around windows. They can all help to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

I hope these tips help you to keep your home running smoothly this winter.