Home Improvement 101: How Clever Homeowners Add Value

Home Improvement 101: How Clever Homeowners Add Value

If you think that the only reason to carry out home improvements is to make your house a better place to live, then you may be missing a trick. In fact, not only can you better your family’s quality of life by making improving your home, but you can add significant value to your property as well. To find out more about this read the post below.

Add a room

One way to add value to your home is to add square footage. This usually happens in the form of adding a single level room, or multiple rooms with a double level extension.

Of course, depending on the style of your home, the layout of your property, and the type of build you want, some extensions can be easier to construct than others. This is why many homeowners choose to employ a professional construction team to handle building their additional rooms for them.

Although, some folks do have success by doing it themselves, especially if they have previous experience or have worked in the building industry. However, this is usually a lengthy process that involves doing everything from digging the foundation to adding the roof, yourself.

Improve the frontage

Next, to add value to your home, it is always wise to improve the frontage. The reason for this is because it is the primary thing potential buyers will see either in photos online or in person when they come to an open house.

Luckily, there a plenty of options you can choose from when making the front of your home better. One is to remove modern windows in traditional style build and instead replace them with something more sympathetic like these sash windows available from companies like Pembroke and Nash. Another possibility is to work at tidying up the plants and floral elements at the front of your home. Something that may include cutting down creeping vines that can make the front of a house look messy or aged, as well as replacing plants in the garden with a more colourful array.

Update and modernise

Modernisation is also a significant way to add value to your home through home improvement. In particular updating, interior decor, especially kitchen cabinets and any other fixtures and fittings can make a huge difference in the price you can ask for when you do come to sell.

Also, as the integration of SMART tech in the home becomes more popular adding features such as smart lighting, music systems, and even appliance can all be ways of modernising the home that positively affects its value.

Add extra storage

Lastly, many people forget that storage is such a massive issue for most families. In fact, improving your current home by adding more storage is nearly always a wise move.

After all, people like to be as organised as possible these days. Consequently, by adding in built-in closets, extra kitchen cabinets, and other ingenious forms of storage such as stair shelves, you can help raise the desirability, and so the asking price of your current property.