Let The Light In: Creating A Bright Interior To Lift The Mood In Your Home

 Let The Light In: Creating A Bright Interior To Lift The Mood In Your Home

It feels like winter will never end; however, the days are getting longer, and the spring bulbs are starting to pop up from the ground to say hello, adding some much-need colour to the landscape. The weather is still cold enough for you to want to stay inside your home as much as possible though, so it’s important that your interior space can lift your mood when the weather can’t. Light is a huge factor in creating an open and uplifting room, where you want to spend your time. But, winter often makes you want to block out the outside and create cosy corners in your house; this is a great way to warm up in certain areas, but it’s important to have some space to breathe and feel refreshed and awake.

Your kitchen environment is the ideal room to fill with as much light as possible, especially if it backs onto the garden. You’ll want to have a space where preparing and eating food is a breeze, and you don’t feel cramped or confined by a dark environment. If you’re heading into your kitchen first thing in the morning for a coffee; it’s also great when you can grab the first bit of sun (on occasion) and lift your spirits for the rest of the day. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those wanting to fill at least one of their rooms will plenty of light, to lift their mood, and create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space.

Natural Light

The best way to make the most of the sun and light that shines into your kitchen space, is to ensure than you uncover your windows. If there is a privacy issue; invest in Venetian blinds that can be adjusted to let plenty of light through while keep your interior covered up, or pulled up completely to get the most of the sun. Get rid of heavy fabric blinds and curtains; these will only close-in the space and soak up whatever is in the air from your cooking. You could go even further and replace your windows with larger ones, or perhaps aluminium bifold doors are the ideal solution to bringing as much of your outside space into your interior. The more you get from the garden, the better, and you’ll get a boost every time you’re in your kitchen in the day.

Synthetic Light

It’s just as, if not more important to invest in great lighting in your kitchen  space. You’ll probably do the majority of your cooking during the evening, and, as previously mentioned, the weather is rarely on your side when it comes to sunshine and light. Therefore, you’ll need to be savvy with the placement of your chosen bulbs; countertops and work surfaces can be brightened with lights under the cupboards that sit above them, and you can utilise floor lighting so nothing escapes your sight. A dimmable and adjustable light above your kitchen table will allow you to change the mood and the ambience of the room so that you don’t have to throw dinner parties in stark lighting, but have enough to feed the kids when you need it to be brighter. Strike a balance between the natural light from outside, and the lighting you invest in throughout your kitchen, and it’ll be an interior space you’ll enjoy spending time.