Staffing Success - How To Choose The Right Support For Your Household

 Staffing Success - How To Choose The Right Support For Your Household

Choosing whether you need domestic staff or not is an important decision, and one should not be taken lightly. Whether the hiring of staff is a necessity or just a luxury is a question that only you and your family can answer along with your financial situation. With today's hectic lifestyle, those who can afford staff most likely do need them. That being said though, hiring any household staff for the first time can seem like an overwhelming task. The first port of call is deciding what your needs are.


If you are considering hiring internal staff, then a housekeeper should be at the very top your list. Taking over the duties of cleaning your house frees up a lot of time for you to do more meaningful and pleasant stuff. Some of the responsibilities of a housekeeper involve vacuuming, dusting, washing and ironing your clothes, as well as caring for your fragile possessions such as art, crystal and silver items.

Personal Chef

Having a chef on staff can be one of the most useful positions you can appoint. It can be such a huge relief not having to worry about planning a menu and keeping the kitchen. You can discuss with your chef everyone's needs and tastes or any menu limitations, ensuring your family, and guests are served delicious and, more importantly, nutritious meals that fit your tastes.


A butler can assist you with many parts of managing your house. Established butlers have a ream of professional training and vital experience of how to help handle the significant duties in your home. Butlers will be able to relieve you of many of the more ordinary and everyday obligations and make your life much easier. A proper butler will begin to carry out tasks you take for granted are your own, such as lighting a fire or setting the table.


The position of a driver is frequently overlooked but if you have children, hiring a chauffeur would save you hours transporting them back and forth. Even if you don't have kids, being transported to your daily engagements will free up time to make work calls, private calls or merely allow you to relax for the commute.

Estate Manager

Last but by no means least is the Estate manager. This position is the senior most member of the staff in your household. They will work alongside you on the overall running of your property. At your right hand, the estate manager has the overall responsibility of hiring and training any of your domestic staff. When special events are coming up, the Estate Manager is commonly the one who runs the preparation, along with any event administrators that you might need. That being told, finding the right Estate Manager for your household may not be an easy task. They must be able to get along with people, as well as being highly organised.

The key to successful hiring is to remember not to try to fill all of the positions at once. Begin slowly after weighing up need vs nice and add more as and when they are needed. Take your time, get help if necessary, consult all involved and hire the right person for you and your home.