3 Changes To Make To Your Home Exterior Before You Sell It

3 Changes To Make To Your Home Exterior Before You Sell It

When you’re selling your home, it’s important that you make a good first impression. The interior of the home is obviously vital and you need to make sure that it’s nicely decorated and well staged. But the exterior is often the most important thing because the potential buyers will make a snap judgment about the home as soon as they pull up outside. If the exterior of the home doesn’t look good, they’ll go in with a negative attitude and it might be difficult to change their mind, no matter how good the interior is looking. That’s why you need to make sure that you do these exterior jobs before you start showing your home to potential buyers.

Paint The House

Weathering and general wear and tear will make the exterior paint on your home look dull over time. It doesn’t give a great impression and it may also inspire some worries about the damage that is being done to the interior if the paintwork isn’t sufficient to protect the house. It’s a simple job to repaint the exterior of the home but it makes all of the difference when people come to look at it.

The colour is important as well because if you’ve got something a bit out there, it might put potential buyers off. Just because you love living in a bright blue house, that doesn’t mean that everybody will and if they don’t like the colour of the house, that’s another job that they’ll have to do when they move in. You’re better off changing the colour to something more neutral like white or cream which most people will be happy with.

Fix The Roof

Roof damage is something that buyers are always on the lookout for because a damaged roof causes so many problems that can be expensive to fix. Even a few loose tiles is enough to put people off, even if it isn’t causing any leaks. Before you put the house on the market, get some good quality tiles from somewhere like Roofing Supplies UK and fix any gaps that you have. If the damage is a bit more severe, you should consider getting some professional roofers to come in and sort it out. It’s a bit of an expense but you’ll really struggle to sell a house with visible roof damage.

Sort The Garden

A good outdoor space is a real asset when you’re trying to sell your home. However, if it isn’t well maintained then the potential buyers will be put off because they know that they’ll have a lot of work on their hands when they move in. That’s why you need to put a bit of work into the garden and get it looking great before the house goes up on the market. Make sure that you clear out any weeds and mow the lawn nicely. You should also get some furniture set up out there to demonstrate how people can use the space. Finally, get some colourful plants out there to make it look nicer.

If you make these simple exterior changes before you put the house on the market, you’ll have a much better chance of selling it.