Our Favourite Pancake Toppings!

Our Favourite Pancake Toppings!

Pancake Day is tomorrow (Tuesday 1st March) and with 117 million of us eager to get involved we are planning the perfect toppings for the big day. 

Did your favourite topping make the list? Do you keep it traditional with lemon and sugar or do you like to add as many toppings as possible? Who doesn’t love a sweet treat, especially during lockdown!

Pancake Toppings:

Pancake Topping% Of people choosing it as their favourite 
Lemon and Sugar31%
Bacon and Maple Syrup15%
Served with ice cream12%

The poll also looked at preferable toppings between different age groups to see if our pancake taste buds change from when we are little to when we’re grown adults making pancakes for our grandchildren. It might just make the food shop a bit easier when selecting toppings!

Broken down by age categories:

Age CategoryMost popular pancake topping% of votes
31-40Ice cream57%
40+Lemon and Sugar 83%

Thank you to Veraclinic.net, which surveyed 300 people across the UK.