5 Interior Trends This Spring

 5 Interior Trends This Spring

As spring draws nearer, we're starting to turn our attention to brightening up our homes and maybe having a spring clean! Here, we outline some design trends for the coming season: 


Increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing to work with a home cinema company  in 2018 in order to enhance their audio visual experience - whether that’s listening to a favourite band, watching a favourite film, or bingeing on Netflix.  From a style perspective, slimline cinema screens make a great addition to technology in the home and can add to the feeling of minimalism.


White floorboards, which were once very trendy with their airy ocean front vibe, are starting to go out of fashion.  Herringbone parquet flooring offers a natural wood finish with the benefit of adding a pattern to the floor; and this classic look rarely goes out of fashion.


Natural fibre rugs and solid colour statement pieces are classics, but a trend we’ve seen this year is for interior designers to liven up a space with rich, saturated colours, that are either positioned on the floor or even hung on the wall.


Think of an understated minimalist art gallery, with white washed walls, and one prominent (usually quite large) piece of art hung in the centre of the wall.  Now, compare this to the cluttered curation of most homes that are way too 'busy'.  The trend is to declutter your walls and have one prominent piece of art in order to make a bold statement.


Furniture made from reclaimed pallets and fruit crates has been around for at least five years, yet this upcycled rustic trend is showing no signs of slowing; particularly with the invention of incredibly flexible LED string lights that create warmth.

The best advice, when it comes to staying on trend is to focus more on your personal preferences - and build a home environment you can live with.  Pick items you love and don’t worry so much about trends and curation…your home isn’t an art gallery.