An Innovative New Product With Great Growth Potential!

An Innovative New Product With Great Growth Potential!

SeedCell is a brilliant, innovative productive that adds an extra and unique dimension to the gardening experience. 

SeedCell means that literally anyone whether they have a garden or a plant box in a flat can become a gardener. We love this product for its simplicity and its eco-friendliness. 

Each bio-degradable, plantable, seed pod is pre-sown with quality seed and comes ready to plant. Once planted the seed pot will absorb and retain the moisture it needs to grow and prosper. There are multiple seeds in each pod and varieties range from cucumber to chilli and there is even a miniature Nordman fir for the Christmas season! 

Manufactured in Great Britain from 100% recycled paper in a zero closed loop facility, SeedCell is peat and acid free.

SeedCell is based in Gateshead  and the product is now stocked by Dobbies and Booths. 

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