Areas Of Your Home Feeling Unloved? Here's How To Make The Most Of The Space You Have

Areas Of Your Home Feeling Unloved? Here's How To Make The Most Of The Space You Have

Most of us would love more space in our homes, but rather than adding on, converting upwards, or digging down, many of us have plenty of space that isn’t used to its full potential within the four walls we already have. Whether it’s a poorly organised cupboard under the stairs, an unloved conservatory with poor heat regulation, or a section of wall which is completely underutilised, there are plenty of places in our homes which could offer so much more, if we just use a little bit of imagination. Here are three common complaints about disused areas of the home, and the home improvements needed to make the most of them.

1. It’s too dingy

A dark little corner with little access to natural light, and barely any access to the main lighting either can be a difficult area to use. But it’s not impossible, and you don’t need to rewire your entire home to bring light to it either. Firstly, dingy corners need to be painted in bright and light colours - beiges, creams, and light greys are perfect. These colours help to reflect the light and make it seem brighter. Then, the addition of a mirror or glossy surface will reflect the light further, and all of a sudden you’ve got a versatile corner for a homework station or home office, or even a little reading nook, with no electrician required.

2. It’s too cold

How many of us have rooms in our homes which act more like a storage facility than a part of a home, just because they’re too cold? The conservatory is the prime example - all that glass means that in summer it’s more of a sauna than a room, and in winter it becomes extra storage space for Christmas booze. Well, all is not lost. Poor quality roofing in a conservatory allows heat to escape quickly, so warming a room isn’t economical. Installing a roof which is designed to keep the heat in, like a Guardian Warm Roof, makes it far easier to regulate the temperature. And once the conservatory becomes a comfortable place to hang out, you’ve got yourself a whole new room for relaxing in.

3. It’s in a weird place and it’s a strange shape

Sometimes the disused space is in an area that you can’t necessarily imagine a good use for. Maybe it’s a little crawl space under the stairs, or under the eaves in a bedroom. Older homes in particular can have some of these quirky spaces which can be difficult to utilise, until you get imaginative that is. These areas are perfect for storage. Putting book shelves into an alcove can give it an attractive purpose, and putting cupboard doors on a strangely positioned nook can be a great place to store games, clothes, and toys. Some disused space can’t be turned into the perfect reading nook or home office because of its shape or location, but that doesn’t mean it can’t add to the overall feel of the room, and be a useful area overall.

After all, every inch of our homes should be loved, not just the bits with obvious purposes.