Blinds for peace of mind

Blinds for peace of mind

Homeowners can increase their levels of home security by making their property look occupied with innovative automated blinds.

Operated by battery, the blinds can be cleverly controlled by a smart app on Android and iOS devices or by remote control. 

The blinds feature an intelligent interface, QConnect, that can communicate with any home automation system, which allows homeowners to control the blinds at their ultimate convenience - perfect for the darker evenings and when they’re away from home. They’re also just as easy to install as normal blinds as the wire free technology is built into the roller so there’s no need for an electrician or chasing out walls. 

With over 600 fabric options including patterns and plains, there’s also an option to use your own choice of fabric or your own picture or photograph, which is then printed onto the fabric for a personalised finishing touch.

Prices start from £674.00 including fabric.

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