Bring That Festival Feeling Home!

Bring That Festival Feeling Home!

With summer festival season nearly upon us, thousands of Brits of all ages will be putting on their wellies and heading to the countryside to pitch a tent on a muddy field. If you can't make it to one or don’t fancy the idea of camping out with crowds of people, why not bring the festival feeling home?

Sarah Quilliam, head of product design at interiors brand Hillarys, shares some tips.

Hang out

You don’t have to be at a festival to take it easy, enjoy music and kick back for a while. Create a relaxing space in your garden, stick on the headphones and hang out in a comfy hammock.

Flower power

If there’s one thing the earliest festival-goers taught us, it’s to enjoy nature. So bring the outdoors in and fill your home with beautiful flowers, either real or in the form of soft furnishings, art or accessories.

Pow Wow

We all love a teepee, especially the kids. Whether you make it yourself or buy one, they make a great place to play and help fuel the imagination. Fill it with duvets and comfy cushions to create a cosy den for them to hide in.  Or you could try one yourself and turn it into a cosy reading nook. You might love it just as much as they do!

Star gazing

There’s nothing more romantic, in theory anyway, than sleeping under the stars. But liking the outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean you want to sleep in it. The next best thing is to install a skylight window. It may not give you the landscape views of the real thing but it’ll certainly be warmer, not to mention bug free!

Tribal beat

Drum beats are a wonderful way to reset your personal rhythm and tribal prints are on point in fashion this summer. So why not bring the look home and mix eclectic Ikat designs with dark wood and animal prints. Throw in a couple of African drums and dance your way to dawn.

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