Classic interior design ideas for the modern home

Classic interior design ideas for the modern home

Vintage is very much on trend this year, with many interior designers and property developers naming this movement the ‘Downton effect’. However, it’s not just the Victorian and Edwardian style that’s increasing in popularity, but the ability to give a new-build property instant character through interior design decor. Here are a few items that can instantly build character in your new home.

Choose the right accessories

Create a vintage look with specially hand carved ornaments such as this rosewood rocking horse adds depth of character to any living room or children’s room that can’t be found on the high street. Opting for handmade products ensures a unique character and can become the focal point of any room. This piece is made in collaboration with a group of artisans who live in and around Peshawar, a town nestled between the Karakouram, Hindu Kush, Himalaya mountains and the plains of the Indus to produce quality work with integrity, skill and love. A beautiful vintage item to add instant character to your home.

Hand Carved Rosewood Rocking Horse - Brown & Black Saddle:http://www.dorothyandtheodore.com/pre-schoolers/toddlers/rockers-and-ride-ons/hand-carved-rosewood-rocking-horse.html 

Extending luxury into every room of the house

Roll top baths can give a touch of retro chic to the bathroom whether yours has an existing old-fashioned feel or is more modern in design. 

Victoria Plumb does a fantastic range of roll top baths that should add a classic touch to even the smallest of rooms.

Opt for a roll top bath such as this Winchester single-ended tipper bath from Victoria Plumb to create a traditional look and feel: