Cool As A Cucumber: A Breezy Guide To Not Overheating At Night

Cool As A Cucumber: A Breezy Guide To Not Overheating At Night
Summer is everyone’s favourite time of year because the sun is out and the temperatures are off the scale. During the day, there is nothing better than enjoying the warm weather and basking in the sunshine. But, what about at night? What happens when the mercury doesn’t drop and you can’t get to sleep?

Most people grin and bear it, and accept it as a small price to pay for the excellent conditions. Others, though, struggle and have trouble adjusting, which ends up affecting their everyday lives. No one should have to toss, turn and sweat at night because of the heat. Sure, it is going to be warmer, but there is no need to lose sleep and feel uncomfortable. There especially isn’t when these tips will help you cool down at night.

Electric Fan Over Air Conditioner

The obvious choice is to install an air conditioning unit and blast the cool air out while you sleep. However, this trick doesn’t always work out the way you would imagine. For one thing, the cold air can get overbearing during the night. As a result, it only ends up making you feel too cold, and that will keep you awake anyway. Then, there is the noise. Air con units make a racket and the sound is almost impossible to ignore. An electric fan, on the other hand, doesn’t have either of these problems. Firstly, it circulates lukewarm air around the room, so being too cool won’t be an issue. And, the noise is a much lighter hum. In fact, the sound of the whirling fan often helps people drift off into a deep sleep. Two birds with one stone anyone?

Eat Light

Eating before bed is never a good idea, especially if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight. But, it has a double impact in the summer. Food needs digesting, and the more you eat, the harder your metabolism has to work to pass it into the bloodstream. Apart from adding unnecessary calories, this can also increase your body temperature. During the night, the extra couple of degrees may be enough to limit your sleep patterns. The key is to avoid eating so close to bedtime to give the body sufficient time to recover. Also, try and keep away from the heavy, stodgy foods that are difficult to break down. A salad is a much lighter meal, and it isn’t going to take an age to digest.

Turn Off Electronics

It’s common knowledge that electronic devices have an impact on sleep. What isn’t so well-known is the fact that they also raise temperature levels. When you think about it, the fact is a pretty obvious one. Electronics are mechanical devices, and they give off heat as a result. So, the more you have in the room, the higher the temperature is going to be at night. A simple solution is to turn off anything which uses electric before you go to sleep. Then, there should be no additional heat in the room. Also, don’t forget to keep the lights off as much as possible. Light bulbs give off more heat than light, so a couple of minutes here and there soon add up to a significant amount.

Buy A New Mattress

Now, this may appear like a drastic move, but it isn’t in reality. The fact is that mattresses absorb heat due to their thick materials. And, they collect dust and dirt which makes you hotter. Simply cleaning the bed isn’t going to be enough if the mattress is full to the brim of dust bunnies and dirt and grime. Anyway, it isn’t worth the hassle. The better, and cooler option, is to visit experts like John Ryan by Design for advice. The professionals will be able to point you in the right direction as long as you explain the problem and what you want from your next bed. A tip: a water bed is a pretty good choice. Because the water is cool, it keeps the temperature of the mattress down and doesn’t radiate heat.

And Put It On The Floor

According to GCSE science classes, hot air rises. You’ll be happy to hear that this is a fact and your teenage years weren’t wasted in a lab in high school. Also, you should be glad to hear that you can use this knowledge to your advantage. As hot air rises, it’s logical to assume that you need to sleep closer to the floor. When the temperature climbs, the floor is bound to be the coolest place in the bedroom. So, putting the mattress on the ground is a pretty good option if you don’t want to sweat to death. It’s an easy and straightforward fix, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Plus, there is no need to worry about comfort levels because the floor is good for the back. At the very least, don’t build up the bed so that it nearly touches the ceiling.

Freeze The Sheets

Your mattress isn’t the only thing keeping you warm at night. The sheets are also a big factor for a variety of reasons. The first is that they, too, collect dust which is itchy and uncomfortable. Also, some use thick materials that absorb lots of heat. Of course, you can wash or change the sheets to a different material like cotton. And, you should because these are very practical tips. But, there is another method which is also useful. It’s called freezing the sheets, and it does exactly what it says on the tag. In layman’s terms, place the sheets in the freezer along with your pillow and leave them for five minutes. When you take them out, they should be lightly frozen and cold to the touch. The sheets will thaw during the night but should stay cool for the duration. To make the bed even cooler, take with you a water bottle full of cold water.

Just make sure you don’t use these tips during the autumn and winter. Otherwise, it could be a long and cold couple of months!