Creating a More Private Garden In Time For Summer

 Creating a More Private Garden In Time For Summer

Ah, summer. The season of long days spent on a lounger, BBQs, stargazing, and all-around enjoying the simple gifts that our gardens bring. However, this isn’t always possible. If we have a garden that’s severely lacking in privacy, then we can feel self-conscious about spending time in the sunshine, especially if we’re trying to work on our tan. No-one likes to be on display when they’re trying to relax. As such, you may want to consider upping the privacy levels of your home. Below, we take a look at a few alterations you can make that’ll have you on your way to relaxing in peace. Secure your privacy, enjoy your summer!

Focus On The Main Spots

If you’re trying to sunbathe in your FRONT garden, then, well, you’ll be in trouble: there’s not much you can do about people walking down your street; you’ll be on display to the whole world. This is not the case in the more obvious option, the back garden. There, you’re not contending with a bunch of strangers: it’s your neighbours. Because there’s only a few of whom you’re trying to shield your privacy, the ‘on display’ hotspots will be few. Figure out which sections of your garden need to be addressed, and then go from there.

Putting Up Barriers

By far the easiest way to get more privacy in your garden is to put up a barrier. You can have a tall fence installed by a company like Oakdale Fencing, or add a hedge if fencing wouldn’t be suitable. If you have a brick wall at the back of your garden, then take a look at building it up by a few more bricks; as long as it doesn’t exceed a certain height, then you should be OK without planning permission.

Filling It Out

Putting up a barrier or a hedge will make your garden virtually totally private from eye-level, but your neighbours may still be able to see in when they’re looking out from their upper floor windows. In all likelihood, no-one will look, but privacy is more about peace of mind than the real threats. If you just have a large piece of grass, then anyone looking will only see you. As such, consider “filling out” your garden with other things, such as a shed, or floral displays. If you have a home beehive kit, then everyone’s going to look at that, not you!

Drowning Out The Noise

It’s not just your visual privacy you want to preserve; you also don’t want everyone listening to all your conversations. If you live in a densely populated area where noise travels from garden to garden, consider adding a running water feature to your garden; it’ll muffle your conversations. Alternatively, you can look at adding an outdoor sound system to your garden - just make sure you’re playing the music at a respectable volume. Your privacy may really be invaded if the police are called to deal with all the noise you’re making!