Creating the perfect garden style...

Creating the perfect garden style...

Long summer days mean that we are spending more time than ever in our gardens, so it’s even more vital that garden design has flair. 

When deciding on a garden style that is suited to your needs and surroundings, it is important to keep in mind how you want to use the garden and also the amount of time and work you need to devote to maintain it. 

Firstly, make it your own with a unique theme, blending together various plants and design elements. The smaller the garden, the more important this is. 

Contemporary gardens are perfect for small yards, a roof garden or for those after an easy-care garden. Simple and no nonsense, these tend to be uncluttered and don't require a lot of plants. Despite this, it still creates an effect and gives the garden character, as their attributes are more recognised when not competing with combinations of other plants. The addition of a calming water feature with an emphasis on stone, wood or concrete together with a select few bold plants, is what brings a contemporary garden to life.  

Perhaps, in a yard setting, artificial grass may suffice in adding that bit of colour without the hassle of maintaining it on a weekly basis.  

The opposite to this kind of setting is the cottage garden - suited for those wanting a range of different colours by 'shoe-horning' a selection of plants into the space. Don't let the name dissuade you; it is just for name sake, with the cottage garden suiting most traditional homes. 

Focused on bringing charm with its informal structure and old-fashioned appeal, the cottage garden is made up of a mixture of ornamental and fruit and vegetable plants, as well as an assortment of pots, ornaments and even furniture. All of this is chosen to create an old-fashioned garden that gives a distinct, country feel to it.

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