Draw The Eye With These Home Exterior Ideas

Draw The Eye With These Home Exterior Ideas

Pride may be a deadly sin, but being a little house proud is never a sinful thing! Looking after the interior of your home so that it suits your needs is just good sense, but what about the exterior? Inside, we’re protected from harsh weather conditions and our walls and floors just don’t suffer the same deterioration because of that. Outside, however, is a totally different story.

Dealing with damp garages and swamped lawns due to rain isn’t easy, so it makes sense to make good choices regarding your home exterior. Improving the appearance of your property isn’t just about shoving up some solar fairy lights that last all year. You also don’t have to wait for when you sell your home to make it look wonderful. We may not judge a book by its cover, but we all are guilty of walking past a row of houses and making a snap judgement based on the exterior! So, how can you make your home exterior look amazing and impress those passers-by?

  1. Clear Out. If your front yard has been blessed with bramble bushes and other greenery, keeping it tidy is key. You don’t need to have an overgrown front yard, and as it’s the place people will see the most of you need to learn to cut things back on a regular basis.

  2. Go Low Maintenance. High powered job keeping you away from home? You could go one better on cutting that garden back and completely strip the front of the majority of the greenery. Opting instead for driveway paving that takes most of your front yard, aside from a few green borders, can mean less time spent mowing and trimming. There’s something so modern about a front yard that is mostly driveway, so embrace it!

  3. Paint Work. Wooden window frames and your front door are going to take the bulk of the weather, so make it an annual job to repaint these and freshen them up. If your house is a neutral and uniform colour, give the front door a splash of boldness and go bright!

  4. Light Up. Adding solar lights up the path to your front door and making sure those wall-mounted lights either side of the frame are intact is key. There’s nothing quite as ugly as lights that are hanging off the wall and broken lightbulbs! It’s unsightly and not being able to use the lights is simply annoying – especially when those lights can bathe your pathway in a glow.

  5. Treatments. Windows are the eyes of the home, and people certainly look at them to peek in! Make sure that you have window treatments on the inside of your home – blinds, net curtains and valance can make the windows look stunning while keeping your life private.

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior and if you spend a little time and a little money making it look good, the pride you feel in your home can extend beyond the inside.