Fixtures You Should Use In Your Bathroom

Fixtures You Should Use In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be entirely standard or a style central of your home. However, these two ideas aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have practical elements that are elegant and shiny in your bathroom in a flash if you decide to remodel. Below are a few things that would be best to include if you want to do over your bathroom and make shower times a little bit more glitzy.

A Vessel Sink

Having a vessel sink is both designer and Vessel sinks are incredibly easy to mount and dismount as they sit on top of the counter rather than in it. Therefore, you can easily change your mind or make repairs if you need to. You can even install it yourself if you want, meaning no extra costs.

Vessel sinks come in multiple materials as well, so you won’t be stuck with ceramic. Glass vessel sinks are sleek and easy to clean because you’ll be able to see all the fingerprints and toothpaste marks. Wood finish sinks give your bathroom an element of the unusual as well, and can give your bathroom a cosy cabin feel.  

An Electric Shower Head

Electric shower heads have a lot of benefits, but the main two are the fact that they are energy efficient due to a lower water pressure, meaning lower consumption. The other main benefit is that they won’t blast cold water out at you when someone else is using a toilet elsewhere in the house! You won’t have to worry about dual bathroom usage again.

You can check out some good reviews on electrical heads at sites like, which go through the top brands on the market at the moment. Do your own research around the type of shower head you want because of all the different variables involved, like noise, adjustability, and the option to switch between high and low pressures.

Find Some Mood Lighting

If you want to scrub your face in front of the mirror, or put on your best face, then install a good lighting setup to make you feel like a movie star. Having some good lighting around your mirror is the main goal anyway, and can make a small bathroom feel a lot bigger.

Terrible lighting both affects our mood and our eyes. Look at sites such as, who have a good post on what makes the best lighting for your bathroom style and shape. You could also install a kind of night light for bathroom trips in the early morning, as being harshly woken up doesn’t do anyone’s health good.

Light systems can benefit your energy usage as well. Different light levels can mean saving money if you think of keeping your lights on different circuits. Try this if you have the resources and commitment to do so. Similarly, movement detectors also work well for cutting down on energy bills in your bathroom as you won’t accidentally leave lights on.

Some Good Shower Storage

Bathroom storage usually means a few rails to hang up towels and a bathroom cabinet. However, you can get a lot more practical and inventive with your storage space than that!

A bathroom niche in the corner of your shower not only looks nice, but is extremely practical. All your daily soaps and shampoos can go there, and not in the cupboard under the sink where you’re likely to forget to pick them up.

A Shower Bench

Being able to sit down when warm water is beating down on your back is wonderful after a gruelling day’s work. It also makes showering a lot easier if you have any kind of disability that can often hold you back. On top of these practical elements, a shower bench also makes the whole feel of your shower a lot more luxurious, and you can even hold your own mini spa in your bathroom if you wanted.

Having a shower bench to sit on gives you a more private place to take care of yourself, so if you’re into skincare this is a great investment for you. It definitely beats trying to perch on the edge of the bath.

A lot of these tips have been about enhancing your shower experience, but isn’t that the main focal point of the bathroom? You can get pretty creative with tiles and wallpapering, and throwing down a nice fluffy rug, but bathrooms don’t need to look boring in their fixtures as well. Make your bathroom less cold and echoey and more homey!