Giving the Best First Impressions

 Giving the Best First Impressions

Many people believe that the first impression starts when visitors enter the front door, we spend hours cleaning and preening until the silverware shines and the house smells of fresh bread. We want our home to be as welcoming as possible. However, it starts long before that. Remember the last time you made your way up to the front door of someone you were going to visit? Exactly. 

So. here are some quick tips to make sure you’re giving a perfect first impression.

Check the Paths or Steps

If you have a front garden, you are likely to have a path or some steps to the front door. Many homes have a stoop at the very least. When was the last time you gave it a good clean? Invest some money in a pressure washer, and invest some time in your paving. It won’t take too long and even if it rains after, is a job that is worth doing, and the hard work won’t be washed away. Moss, weeds and other bits of mess take up residence in between slabs and stones, this is a quick and reasonably effortless way to get rid of them.

Trim the Bushes, Prune the Roses

Many of us have pretty simple to take care of gardens, just because it is simple, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have some time spent on it. Plan this one along with the weather. If you can spot a dry or sunny afternoon coming up in the weather, plan to head out and pull the weeds from the grass, trim back or shape any bushes, remove any dead flower heads. Not only is this helpful for the garden to flourish next year, but it looks much neater too.

Get a Professional

If you want to have spectacularly clean windows and gutters the best thing to do is book a professional at residential window cleaning. Making this call will save you a lot of time, and give you the best results. One of the significant benefits of hiring someone to do this is that long-term the job will be done to the highest standard and save you money by keeping your guttering and windows in top condition. Any issues will be spotted, and you can take action.

Add Some Personality

While it is essential to have all of the maintenance under control, it’s probably even more important to have some of your personality leading visitors up to your front door. There are a few simple things you can do:

•  Add some solar lamps along the pathways, looks great and handy in the evenings.

•  Change the door knocker and letterbox, update them or order some custom-made ones

•  Large planters with evergreen plants like Fatsia, Lavender and Holly. All beautiful options, that minimal care but are eye-catching and welcoming by the front door.

•  Garden ornaments. Front garden ornaments might depend on where you live, but a few cheeky gnomes, some copper or brass bird baths or windchimes and mosaic art can look stunning when they catch the sun in the summer.

And that is all it takes to get your front of house from drab to fab.