Hot trends for a long-lasting summer

Hot trends for a long-lasting summer

Summer is all about eclectic design and personalized decor. As furnishings become more vibrant and colourful, interior wall colours have become quite the opposite. 

Vibrant feature walls combine with cool grey hues and pale pastels. These colours give any space a modern feel and provide a neutral canvas to better showcase contrasting bold art, furniture and warm metals!

Along with purple, pale pink is also making a comeback. Popular 1980’s blush-tones can be modernized this season by pairing them with masculine hues. It’s true when they say trends come back full circle and this applies more than ever to today’s interior design trends.

Bubble gum pink is a colour that is making a surprising comeback. Laura Ashley specialises in this style. 

New style trends allow for much more personal expression! Plus, how else will you make a bold home statement if you find comfort in conformity? 

The new wood

Sun-kissed wood is in for furniture, countertops, and flooring - a perfect pair to the soft natured paint colours trending this season. As opposed to the previously popular espresso flooring, lighter wood options show less dents and scratches.

As wood and wall colours are getting cooler, metallic trends are becoming warmer to contrast. Gold is back in full force! Everything, everywhere, which was once silver or steel- hardware, fixtures, furniture and décor- you will now see in gold.

Make it personal

As in the rest of the home, homeowners are favouring a more personalized kitchen design. Custom painted cabinetry allows for self-expression and open shelving turns your favourite serve ware into functional art. Homeowners are also choosing more durable materials in the kitchen. Granite is on the way out because it is expensive and more easily damaged. Like all natural stone, it is very unpredictable. By choosing a synthetic material you will not only have a more resilient surface, but can expect the colour to be true to sample and won't pay for waste.

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Oliver Bonas