How To Create The Perfect Home Office

How To Create The Perfect Home Office

Whether you’re starting a new business out of your home or you have a job which permits you to work from home regularly, it is always best to consider creating a separate office space. Maud Rousseau of Veyo tells Home UK Magazine readers how to set up the perfect home office. 

She shares with us below Veyo's top tips on creating the perfect area for you to undertake your daily work in an organised and productive manner, from designing and utilising the perfect space, to the equipment you will need to remain effective while out of the office.

Creating your office space

While choosing the perfect place to work should be your number one priority, making sure it is designed and equipped in the most effective way is also of great importance.

You need space that is well lit with plenty of natural light, this will give your motivation a major boost.

Set aside some space

If you don’t have a spare room to turn into an office, you need to find a space with the least distractions, somewhere you won’t have children or pets running around you – especially if you will be taking lots of calls, where noise could damage the quality of your conversation.

Colour is important

Colour is surprisingly important in a home office. If you have the option, it is advisable to redecorate the space so that it is clean and fresh and feels different to the rest of your house. You need to be focused in the space and not have it feeling too much like home.

Invest in equipment

Invest in equipment to boost your productivity. No one wants to be held up by an out of date printer, so invest in all the tools that you will be using on a daily basis.

Keep stock

Keep stock of what you need. Running out of paper or ink can really slow down your progress so always keep track of what you have and don’t put off purchasing fresh supplies.

Storage space

Ensure you have enough storage for your working needs. The last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to find a document when everything could be kept organised, greatly boosting your efficiency.

Make it your own

Most importantly, remember this is your office. Unlike being at work you can design it how you want it to feel. Therefore make sure it’s a space you enjoy being in, and one that will let the creative juices flow.