How To Give Your Home A 'Best of British' Makeover

How To Give Your Home A 'Best of British' Makeover

Here in the UK, we are lucky to have a rich heritage and history, a whole host of landscapes – and to be one of the fashion centres of the world. All these characteristics provide amazing inspiration for interior design themes and there are many ways to incorporate them without having to resort to plastering the Union Jack all over your living room. 

Here, Zoe Ashton at Hillarys. the carpets, blinds and shutter specialist, gives some top tips on how you too can incorporate the best of British style into your own home interior. 

Embrace the Coast

Strong blue and fresh white are the classic choices for British seaside schemes, but go for softer tones such as light greys tinged with blue to give this look a modern twist. You’re going for cool not kitsch - think Brighton not Skegness. Rough textures are great, especially when they are authentically aged, so keep an eye out for less than perfect second-hand furniture and natural wood pieces to mirror driftwood and seaside piers. Also, keep furnishings light, for example rattan chairs. 

Think Swinging Sixties

Try using a monochrome palette based around black and white. The majority of people use more white than black to keep rooms light and airy, but using black can be an effective way to create a moody look. 

If you find black and white too stark for your space, add a very strong, primary colour as an accent. Think red cushions, for example, with maybe even the odd double decker bus design for a fun touch. This look is ideally suited to very contemporary interiors as it works best when using modern materials, such as plastic and metal.

Draw Upon Britain’s Rich History 

Take inspiration from the Victorian era and their luxurious interiors by embracing dark, rich colours such as ruby red, forest green, and dark blue as well as bold prints. Check out wallpapers and curtains featuring flock and damask styles and large bold prints of flowers, fruit and foliage; think luxury, wealth and extravagance. In order to give your theme more depth, consider adding silk and velvet textures in accent colours and patterns. 

The Victorian look combines hugely diverse styles. This era first saw influences from the East arrive on the shores along with elements of the Arts and Crafts movement, so you can have a lot of fun with exotic prints and fabrics.

Beware - there is often a lot going on with this trend and you will need a good eye to coordinate everything and not make it look too "busy". For beginners, consider picking one or two accent pieces rather than overwhelming your room.

Venture to the Country

The British farmhouse is a brilliant style which suits almost any room. Think exposed beams, wood panelling, wooden furnishings, all in a mixture of wood varieties and different ages. Aim to create a warm, natural and lived-in feel. If you want to move away from the natural finish, consider painting wood and walls in soft, neutral tones. Stone floors can be very effective, along with statement fireplaces and wood burners. Accent your farmhouse creation with cast iron features, antique ornaments and big bunches of fresh, colourful flowers. This is a particularly fitting look for a family kitchen, dining room or lounge.  

These trends will help you to steep your property in oh-so-British vibes, all the while retaining chic and liveable style which will ensure you enjoy every moment spent at home. No British bulldogs needed (unless, of course, you want one!).