How To Make A Style Statement In 2016

How To Make A Style Statement In 2016

The year started off in the romantic glow of rose quartz, which was hailed by Pantone as the colour for 2016. With help from interiors specialists at Barker and Stonehouse, we've put together the following guide for what else is currently hot in interior design. Think of a return to retro with 70s potted plants and macrame and 20s palms coupled with an infusion of rustic, luxe fur throws and cow hide, which will all serve to create an oasis of calm and comfort in our homes.

To help you achieve your style goals, here's some feedback from leading interior design specialists on what's hot in 2016. 


“The trend for houseplants within the home is going from strength to strength, with many of us rediscovering the simple joys of some modest indoor foliage. Retro plants like the monstera and palm are cropping up as prints all over the Spring-Summer 16 collections, and retailers are rushing to introduce plant pots, terrariums and even macrame hanging planters to their inventory. Whilst copper is still a big trend and is often paired with plants for a modern twist, we are also seeing a move towards a generally organic, eco-friendly approach to the home, which as well as incorporating plants also includes natural woods, organic cottons and ethically produced or handmade homewares and accessories, to create a look that feels homegrown and individual rather than perfectly co-ordinated.”

-Joanna Thornhill is a freelance interior stylist, writer and the author of the book Home for Now

"My interiors trend prediction for 2016 is houseplants! Thanks to the 1970s revival that started earlier this year, I've noticed houseplants cropping up in the homes of the stylish and chic for a while now and I think 2016 could see our homes becoming even greener. From large indoor trees to smaller succulents, leafy plants are creeping back into our homes, making them happier and healthier places to be. Also, that 1970s stalwart, the hanging planter, is even making a return, although this time in contemporary metals rather than woven macrame."

-Victoria Harrison - interior editor of Style Made Simple


"A trend that I'm seeing more and more is returning to nature, we're seeing more use of natural materials and lines and shapes that feel more organic and natural."

-Grant Pierrus - Grant runs London based interior design blog Interior Style Hunter


“We continue to find comfort in pairing classics like an antique partners desk teamed with a contemporary take on an angle poise lamp.  Reclaimed elements in interior design can add history and depth to a scheme.  Combining these pieces creates a timeless look which we have found to be a growing trend over the years and see it becoming a decade influence.”

-Carolyn Parker founder of Yorkshire based Carolyn Parker Interior Design.


“It’s a funny thing when you bring up the subject of a dark wall colour. A huge misconception is that dramatic colour makes a small space feel even tinier but the reality is that it will make any room feel grander. Natural light plays a huge factor; there isn’t a lamp in the world that can light up a room like nature. Painting a room a dark colour with no windows is possible but very risky. You don’t want to leave a space feeling depressed.”

-Kirsten Grove – interior stylist and contributor to magazines such as Better Home and Gardens and Elledecor.com

Whether you plan to move in to a new house or spruce up a tired space in 2016, we hope that these inspired trend predictions will provide you with an eclectic mix of ideas to create the perfect interior look in your home.   

Image source: Barker and Stonehouse