Make Your Garden 'Spring' This Season!

Make Your Garden 'Spring' This Season!

The first days of spring are upon us. And, at least if you're in the UK, then it can be pretty hard to feel too inspired to do anything exciting for the season, at first. The first few days still tend to feel a lot like winter, with plenty of icy winds and rain.

Still, the sun’s warmth will flood over the country soon, so it’s time to start thinking about getting your property prepared for spring! The first thing that comes to mind (aside from spring cleaning!) is probably your garden, as that’s the place that tends to get the most neglected in the winter months!

If you want to get your garden prepared for this (hopefully soon-to-improve) season, then you need look no further than this quick guide.

Tidy things up

There are two problems with winter: not only does it create more mess in your garden by killing plants and leaving other organic debris, but it also makes it a lot less attractive to go out there and tidy things up! So by the time the weather warms up, your garden can end up looking pretty messy. Muds, stones, leaves - anything that’s blown onto your paths needs to be swept up. Get rid of the weeds that have reared their ugly head! Ensure you kill weeds correctly in order to prevent them growing back so quickly.

Give the soil some TLC

Your soil will have taken quite a fair amount of punishment during the cold months. It will be in very poor condition, leaving it in a state that isn’t that suitable for growing new plants. The nutrients that your soil absorbs in the other seasons are often frozen or get washed away during winter, so it’s important that you pay some attention to it. Prepare your soil for the healthier, brighter garden that spring demands!

Get the furniture out

Hopefully, you put your garden furniture away during the winter months, or at least covered up what you couldn’t move around. It’s unlikely you’ll be sitting around in your garden during winter, so this is important. The increased cold and moisture can cause damage to metal to wood. It’s time to get the furniture back out so you can enjoy the warmer weather that’s on the horizon! If you don’t have any, or need to look into replacements due to winter damage to your old items, then you can check out outlets such as Bridgman garden furniture.

Plant new flowers

This is what many green-fingered homeowners have been looking forward to! This is why it’s so important that you tidy up your garden and treat the soil. Be sure to plant flowers that can deal with the colder soil during their first few weeks that then really bloom during spring. With this in mind, it’s best to go for perennial plants. Pansies and daffodils are classic spring garden flowers, as are lilacs and tulips. Pagodas aren’t so common, but you should definitely consider these beauties. And why not consider growing some of your own vegetables? Lettuce and peas are perfect for the upcoming time of year!