Making A New House Feel Like Home

Making A New House Feel Like Home

A house is more than just a building you sleep and eat in. It should be a sanctuary that makes you feel welcome and safe the moment you open the door. Moving house is definitely a stressful experience, but what makes it worse is moving somewhere that doesn’t feel like home. Even after you’ve unpacked, it can take a while to settle in. Thankfully, there are things you can do to speed up the process. With that in mind, here are six ways to make a new house feel like home.

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Add New Window Dressings

When you move into a new property, the windows are usually left bare. At best, they will be adorned with unattractive curtains or boring blinds. An easy way to showcase your style is to switch those dressings with your own. Adding beautiful blinds or curtains will not only improve the appearance of your home but increase security, which will make you feel more comfortable.

Pick A Signature Scent

A new house smell isn’t nearly as appealing as a new car smell. When a property is missing the inviting aromas of a family home, it’s difficult to feel settled. Thankfully, there are many ways to make your home smell better. Scented candles, air fresheners, and incense are just a few options. Whatever you do, make sure you pick an aroma that makes you feel happy and relaxed. 

Hang Artwork You Love

Bare walls can make a house feel sterile, no matter how beautiful the property is. By hanging artwork, you will give the space personality and make it feel more like home. This artwork can be anything you like, from abstract flower paintings to pasta shape pictures made by your children. If you’re unsure of where to hang certain pieces, use adhesive frame hangers to try out locations.

Make Space For Interests

Hobbies make life more interesting and allow opportunities to unwind and have fun. Whether your hobby is painting pottery or playing the piano, you must make room for it. Dedicating part of the house to your hobby will make it easier to do what you love. What’s more, it allows you to display your passions, which makes the house feel more personal and gives guests a look into your life.

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Bring An Animal Home

Pets often struggle with change just as much as their owners. Because of this, you must make your new house feel like home for them too. If you don’t, you’ll find it much harder to settle in yourself. Anyone without a pet may find that adopting one makes their house feel homier. Although adopting a pet is a huge responsibility, there are many benefits to be gained from it. 

Display Any Cherished Memories

Polaroids from weddings, shells from beach trips, and other special mementoes deserve to be shown off. Rather than stashing these cherished memories in a box somewhere, you should display them in your new home. This can make the space look more attractive, as well as add a personal touch. Just make sure that you don’t clutter every surface with any old junk.

With the advice above, your new house should feel like home in no time.