Making The Outdoors Your Home

Making The Outdoors Your Home

To some people, a back garden is a natural paradise to nurture and help flourish, but to others it’s just the back of the house. Whichever kind of person you may be, a back garden can always be a brilliant addition to a home if you see the space for what it truly is. If you’ve neglected your garden, you might feel more inspired to give it some love if you see the potential to turn it into an outdoor room, but even those with green fingers might not be harnessing the full potential of their back yard area.

Of course, the task of taming nature and turning a garden into a cozy, aesthetically-pleasing addition to your home might intimidate you and so you feel deterred from getting started. However, it’s just like rearranging a room in your house or simply sprucing up the bathroom with a few little additions here and there. Rearranging the layout of your garden or simply adding a few additions doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly if you plan out the procedure step by step and think about the things you do and don’t want. If you’re still not sure where to begin with transforming your garden into a homely additional room, then here are some tips for getting started.

Starting with the boring stuff.

Much like redecoration of any room within your house, you need to start at a foundational level and work your way up when you’re redesigning your back garden. You should start with a plan and clear out all the weeds, dying plants, uninspiring trees and other natural elements which look out of place or withered.

Mowing the lawn will also help give a fresh feel, as if your garden was a blank canvas for you to paint your ideas, much the same as giving the walls in a room a fresh coat of white paint so that you have a clean, basic structure on which you can build your other ideas. Additionally, you might feel more motivated to redesign your garden as soon as it’s looking clean, tidy and revitalised.

The beauty of a patio.

Even the smallest garden can benefit from a patio. In fact, you should be pleased that you’re working with such a small space, as it’ll help to create the cozy, homely and “indoor room” feel you’ve trying to strive towards with this garden renovation. You could create a paved path leading from the back door to the designated patio zone and a simple table and chair set could already having the outdoors feeling like home, rather than a patch of grass you can see from your window. A table and other “indoor furniture” creates a real outdoor room feel, as now the family can eat meals outdoors on warmer evenings.

Creating a night-time chill-out zone.

You can think of your garden as an extension to the living room, much like a conservatory without the roof. On a warm night in summer, you could chill out with family or friends on comfy, cushioned chairs and perhaps even watch TV if you create a makeshift stand. Even on not-so-warm evenings, you could look into getting some woodcall fire wood to create a designed ‘campfire’ zone, perhaps in the centre of your patio, which can keep the whole family warm whilst you enjoy entertainment or gaze up at the stars.

The point is that you can view your garden as a cozy area to relax rather than just the cold outdoors. This is still part of your home, and you should strive to make it feel that way; you wouldn’t leave any other room in your house looking messy and unused.

Blend natural and manmade elements together.

The key to a homely garden is one which retains natural beauty but isn’t afraid to boast some manmade structures, creature comforts and other indoor possessions which will help this outdoor space to feel like home. The important thing to remember is that your garden is unlike other rooms in your house, but it should still feel like home. You can turn it into a creative project, much as you would if you were putting up paintings in the living room.

Yet, you can be a little more unique and innovative with your back garden area. You could take your old manmade rubbish, such as milk cartons and containers, and use them as pots for flowers. Not only is this incredibly environmentally conscious, but it’ll also turn something old and unappealing into an aesthetically-pleasing, quirky addition to your garden. It’s important to remember that beauty doesn’t just have to lie in natural things, and it’s okay to fill your garden with a little bit of manmade creativity here and there; beyond simply dotting a few garden gnomes or chairs around the place.


Whether it’s a manmade pool or a small lake, adding the element of water to your garden is a fantastic way to really life the overall feel of this outdoor space. Perhaps you feel a little uninspired by the old trees, the unkempt lawn and the endless flower beds dotted around this outdoor space. Perhaps all you need is a little variety from all the greenery, and the addition of water could definitely help you achieve this aesthetic goal. You could even get a little more creative and invest in a small fountain, but a mini lake might be simple and do the trick nicely.


Decorative lighting can completely transform a garden, as it opens up the possibility to enjoy the view just as much at night as you would during the day. If you’ve spent that much time renovating your outdoor space to create a beautiful little place to relax, it’d be a shame to only enjoy it during the day when natural lighting is good. Investing in some solar lights could really create a calming, relaxing glow whilst you relax with your family and friends on comfy chairs and admire your handiwork; however extensive it may or may not be.