On Trend Interior Design To Jazz-Up Your Pad

On Trend Interior Design To Jazz-Up Your Pad

Every year, the budding interior designer in you may wonder just what this season's trends have in store for your home. If your houseproud and creative you’ll relish the idea of giving your home a makeover, this could be a fun project that you set yourself, or that you get your spouse or kids to help you with. Perhaps your home is crying out for a design reboot, after all, the spaces in which we live often hold the key to our moods and how we view our lives.

The right colours and designs together can make or break your energy and emotions both; clutter can demotivate, and a minimalistic use of space can really energize us and the way we experience our homes. 


Minimalism, in interior design terms, is about creating a simple and orderly look that’s neat and effortless. Generally, no more than two colours will be used, and there is a focus on neutral colours such as white, black, grey or wooden objects. It’s about maximising space and minimising clutter by carefully choosing useful items and getting rid of any partitions in a room if possible. Minimalism favours open-plan spaces with large windows and lots of natural light. With minimalism, it’s all about less is more; therefore, it’s an idea to choose cupboards and shelves with doors that can conceal personal items in an organised manner. 

Corner sofas, strategically placed to maximise space, teamed with big shaggy rugs for your living room can create a look that’s chic and minimal both. If you prefer colours that are less neutral, break the rules and make the style your own, after all, individuality puts the fun in design! 


As the focus on sustainability becomes more pressing in our daily lives, we can also see this reflected in the world of interior design. Eco-friendly and natural materials are being favoured to create a new kind of earthy look. When you are choosing furniture and accessories for design purposes, make sure you look for materials like bamboo, jute or rattan. With your fabrics, why not look out for items made of hemp, this is a great sustainable choice because hemp uses much less water to grow when compared with cotton and it also resists mould or mildew. With an eco-friendly design, there is also a big focus on using plants as decorations and also to rid the indoor air of toxins. 

If you’re not sure what kind of plants to go for, why not try a rubber plant, which looks great inside and is known for removing formaldehyde from the air. Peace lilies are also beautiful and rich with air cleansing properties.

If you want your pad well and truly jazzed-up, then simply take your pick of one of these interior design trends and get a little creative in making it your own. Remember, less is more this season, and you will want to have a good-old declutter your house before you start on any design work. Before long you’ll have fashioned yourself an enviable des res!