Product Review: Probably the Most Perfect Kitchen Roll

Product Review: Probably the Most Perfect Kitchen Roll

We're reviewing the wonderfully absorbent and super large kitchen roll from the folks over at Regina. 

Coming in several different ranges including 'Blitz' and 'Thirst Pockets' and XXL, this range has all the quality you'd expect from an established (set up in 1987) Italian brand. What's more they're eco-friendly as all the products have been manufactured using certified materials from responsibly managed forests. 

The Blitz version comes in extra large sheets and triple layer strength, means less effort and less paper is needed for stains and spills. Blitz heavy duty sheets can help with all your daily household jobs ranging from windows and mirrors, bathrooms and mopping up spills. We found them to be super absorbent and perfect for wiping or 'blitzing' away spills from kitchen units.

The Thirst Pockets come in a handier sized form but are nevertheless great at cleaning up spills and stains from kitchens and other areas. They also come in handy if you've run out of napkins for more informal occasions!

XXL, as its name suggests, comes in a larger size which is perfect for clearing up bigger spills on the floor, for instance.

The super-absorbency of these products is first class, and we can honestly say that they are the best kitchen rolls we have ever used. Would recommend and would certainly buy again.

Regina is sold in most major supermarkets and can also be purchased online from etailers such as Amazon.